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Name Yaro
Species Meerkat
Sex Male
Affiliations Natamba Pride, Tufani Enfalme Meerkat Colony
Caste Sentry, Sentry Instructor
Known Family Kiden, Mother. Lindani, Brother.
Mate Serah

Yaro is a rather emboldened meerkat. From an early age he has felt driven to be a stronger meerkat than most. He was born amongst many brothers to a large family of meerkats in a burgeoning desert colony. And he was raised in the traditions and disciplines of the Ancient Law set forth by Mungo himself.

Because of this upbringing, Yaro is what one would call a fierce traditionalist, and highly honor-bound and dead set in the ways of old world meerkats, which can frequently bring him into a conflict with those around him who are more compassionate and forgiving.

Yaro's strong and somewhat intolerant manner helps define his identity: He became a sentry as soon as he possibly could, having excelled in his training to become one, and his ability to fight and repel predators led him to become a skilled instructor of trainees since a younger age.

This same nature, however, also leads to a somewhat short fuse and a slight insubordinate nature. Though he would never dream of truly disobeying those who control him, he usually proceeds by shooting his mouth off first before doing as he is told. His short temper has angered many, large and small.

He himself has had a darker side, when before his days in the Natamba, he declared a hatred for his younger brother, Lindani, and swore vengeance on him for their father's death. Though since being tempered by a brotherly bond with a young lion by the name of Jinko, Yaro's tune toward Lindani has shifted towards general attempts for forgiveness and apathy at the worst of times.

Another way to describe this meerkat is fiercely loyal to Sumi, one of the kings of Natamba, and has sworn his life to him, and will never leave his side. This means through worst and best times, Sumi has a loyal follower.

Yaro's beliefs, however, are too firmly rooted in old meerkat traditions to ever be truly eroded or uprooted: To kill young, ANY young, is grounds for swift and immediate execution, so speaketh Mungo. Yaro would rather see a parent face death than to abandon young even for their own good. To Yaro: Honor is more important to life, and if one does not stand for their young, they deserve neither life or young.

Yaro does have a nurturing side if you dig for it, as Serah has, and Yaro has become just as fiercely devoted to his mate as he is to Sumi. Only time will tell if they are truly meant for each other.

He has black headfur, a darker body and belly fur and a noticeable scar on his right eye. He may refer to it, often speaking of mistakes and brazenness of his youth, but the scar itself is not a subject he has ever spoken of, not even to Sumi or Serah, and therefore it is a mystery how he received it.