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Tahzhoo is the first born son of BANLIOGAN, once King of a beautiful area
called Uzima Valley, who looked quite remarkably with his completely white
coat and full, flowing mane, his crystal blue eyes and noticeably larger paws,
and of KNEMI, daughter of Taltari and Koemi and full of beauty and grace with
her tawny fur and her eyes of greenish-blue.
His cubhood was very sheltered and happy, with Knemi telling him tales and
wisdoms, and giving him all the love he needed, while he rested comfortably
on the head of Banliogan, his favourite place and safe look-out, watching the
wonders of the exiting world around him.
And while there was Taltari, his grandfather, and Kinah, the serval with
that playful cold nose, and Sangoma, the African tawny eagle who blessed him
with one of his feathers, and many others, he always missed the siblings he
never had, being born alone.
There was Ajabu, his older brother and adopted son of Banliogan and Knemi,
who watched over him whenever his parents weren't around, and there was Mkoko,
his distant uncle and Banliogan's brother, who he only met once. And there
were, of course, all the pride members, back then, when the Uzima Valley pride
was still thriving.
Later on, in his adolescence, he almost forgot about the former lack of
brothers and sisters when Knemi finally gave birth to his new siblings:
Jali, Kiwanja, Akitepe and Hyacinth. Alas, while Hyacinth was never able to
step into the light of life, Kiwanja and his most beloved sister Jali died
soon after, leaving very painful scars of sadness and mourning on his still
young soul..
With his only surviving sibling, Akitepe, he never got along well, as he
was confronted with rejection and scorn he never could explain, he was never
able to overcome, and which left further scars.
There was a time when he felt in love, with the most beautiful adolescent
lioness he could imagine: Jaoja. But just when he was finally about to declare
his love to her, she picked another one: Talfasi. And while one more scar was
added, one so deep he never dared to fall in love again, she never learned
about his love, his feelings, for he fell silent and stood back, in order to
not disturb the path she's chosen.
And then there was a time when he suffered from amnesia, due to a snake
bite, when he wandered around confused and lost, ending up in an area of land
called the Golden Land. It was there where he got to know Nyanya and Balana,
and other members of the Golden Land Pride, and both the land and the pride
became a second home to him. It was his father who finally found him there,
on his long search for Tahzhoo - and the lost son returned home.
Later Banliogan passed on Uzima Valley to Ajabu, and his adopted brother
became the new King - something Tahzhoo accepted, being the younger one of
the two. Ajabu found a mate, and she gave birth to a cub, but for another
time a young life didn't survive long enough to reach adulthood…
Still trying hard to gain the trust and the love of his younger brother
Akitepe, alas in vain, he visited Nyanya and Balana again, to find some
comfort there, far away from home.
When he returned to Uzima Valley, after a very disturbing dream of his
mother saying goodbye to him, he found the land deserted, the scents gone.
He never discovered what has happened to his mother, Ajabu, Akitepe or the
rest of his pride - he only found his father, dead…
He stayed beside his lifeless body until it was given back to the grass,
mourning, remembering and pondering all day long…
When he finally left Uzima Valley he wasn't an adolescent anymore, living
on with even more scars on his soul, driven forward by an immense loneliness
and that longing he now carries in his heart, on his quest to find his place
in life, a place to live.

-=-=-=-=- Tahzhoo — A Lion looking for his place in Life -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
This lion here is one of sincerness and devotion, allied with pensiveness
and altruism, trying to live the life he has dreamed of so many times.
He is friendly and peaceful towards those treating him the same, and most
of the time tolerant and indulgent even to those missing to do so. Yet, he
may also be quickly offended and quite unforgiving, especially when it comes
to certain things like betrayal or violence.
Offering respect to everyone, believing in every living being deserving
some respect - some more, some less, depending on how they do respect the
Circle of Life themselves - he misses the arrogance and the contempt others
of his species are sometimes blamed for. Always trying to look at both sides
of the coin, open-minded and unprejudiced - although sometimes failing to do
so or tending to be too spontaneous - you can always ask him for some advice
or mediation.
Strongly detesting injustice and prejudices he also loathes violence, and
he really hates deceptions, betrayals or to be deceived. Don't ever try to
abuse his help, his trust or his love - he won't forget about it for a long,
long time, maybe never. If you ever happen to lose his trust, it would be
very hard to regain - if ever.
And while he will normally attempt to cease a fight rather than joining
one, prefering a battle of wits to one of claws, you will be confronted with
jaws and claws fighting so fiercly as if fire is clashing with water as soon
as you try to attack one of those he loves, or one of those he cares for.
To those who deserves it, he is faithful and trustworthy, sensitive and
affectionate, understanding and sympathetic, gentle and modest. He can be
very serious, but also as playful as a cub if he's in the right mood; very
emotional and loving, but also quite rational; and very philosophical, when
he feels like it.
You can trust him as your friend or ally, for his friendship is as sincere
and sound as his blood is red, and he is helpful towards everyone in need of
help, may it be friend or foe.
Sometimes he's seems to be lost in thought, as pensiveness and melancholy
takes over his mind, haunting him with the memories of the past and covering
all the joy with sadness.
And while he is quite cautious and critical by experience, you can hurt
him quite easily, his body just as well as his soul, especially if you have a
way with betrayal and deception.
You may notice that he sometimes expect a great deal of someone, but he's
also ready to give a lot. He's a faithful and devoted mate for the ones who
share their lifes with him, a responsible and caring father for those who
will descend from him, a thrustworthy ally and a sincere friend to those who
proof that themselves, and a determined guardian of the lifes of those who
confide in him, ready to give his own.
Still learning about the wonders of the Circle, day by day, he tries to
find his very own place in it.

Tahzhoo was born in the third month of 1998. Being designed as an in-depth
long-term character with a completely role played past, he will be here for
some more years, faithfully connecting and looking for RP.
He's currently trying to found a pride of his own, to soothe the burning
lonelineness in his heart - and to have a family again, something he misses
so much that his playfulness and cheerfulness have been buried.
And so he wanders around, hoping to find other like him, lonely lionesses
or orphaned cubs, juveniles or adolescents, who are looking for that as well,
somewhere out there, in these lands so beautiful and merciless.

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