Name Skye
Gender Male
Species Meerkat
Age Adolescent
Group Uzima Valley
Rank Apprentice Healer
Status Alive and Well


The meerkat you see before you is small, not typical for one of his age, but what he lacks in size, he makes up for in a determination unmatched by any of his stature. His dusty brown bur is flanked by darker stripes, starting at his tail base and going to the caudal end of his scapula. Resting under a dark patch of fur on his head are his eyes, a sky blue which often seem to reflect the clouds, but burn with curiousity and energy. This is a meerkat who lives life to the fullest.


Immediate Family

Name Age Relation Status
Yaro Adult Father Alive
Serah Adult Mother Alive
Aman Adolescent Brother Alive
Binti Adolescent Sister Deceased
Kuchimba Adolescent Mate Alive


Name Age Mother Litter Status
Pendea Kit Kuchimba First Alive