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Name Meaning "Strength"
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Natamba
Current Pride Natamba
Aliases Ryn
Rank King
Current Status Healthy


At first glance the young lion before you would seem just as ordinary as any other; but with a closer look one can notice something strange about him. Instead of the common gold or green, Ryngia's eyes are blue-silver in color, like ice. Holding no true pigment, the only color visibly seen is a deep green ring around the pupal of each eye. Solid in color now, he still retains his chocolate pelt; those areas around his maw, eyes, and belly have become a light brown to caramel mix. As a sign that he has finally reached adulthood, Ryn' has grown lean though not overly so and is now larger than an adult lioness. He has also taken longer hair of a dark brown; except for a sandy brown streak down the left side; to the top of his head that drapes over his eyes just a tad. Like many adults aswell, he's taken on a full mane. As he grows, so does a certain strength about him that continues to foretell great things to come.


Ryngia is the first born son to Jelani and Ghedi. Oldest of four, he has become one of two who have made it past the early parts of life. A strong cub from birth, Ryn' did what he could to live up to his name, never given up even if the feat was one he couldn't overcome. Growing up, he grew fond of his father, wanting to be by his side every chance there was; his first word was 'daddy'; something that certainly upset his mother. However, being an adventurous child, and not always being able to stand by his father, he'd spend time with his mother driving her just about insane.

As a juvenile he became more docile, but still loved to run off and have fun with whatever and whomever he could find. Its at this age that he learns of the disappearance of his two youngest siblings, Kushka and Mirae. Although never real close to them, he still worries wondering if one day he'll see them again. In times passing, he soon gained the honor of becoming his father's heir of becoming king. Since then he'd been very eager to learn what is needed to become a leader; protector and most of all friend.

Adolescence was a quiet time, spending time by himself wasn't a choice but a forced way of living. His mother having done what she could for him before expecting a second litter; his father busy with the pride. Ryn tried his hardest to gain his father attention but to no avail was left to stand in watch learning what he could. Eventually he give up on trying to gain his fathers attention and started to work on his own life. That is when he met Kweu. They became close friends before she disappeared into the wild.

As an adult, Ryngia strove to retain his family as is slowly started to fall apart with the split of the pride. When Sumi left and his father fading into the shadows, Ryn tried for months to regain what was lost but soon he too fell silent.

A year later and after much thought and self development, Ryn rose to the challenge of reviving the pride after his father's disappearance. It was difficult but with time he was able to gather many lioness to join him. Though not king he did his best to take on the responsibilities of one until the day his father would return. However, when that day came Ghedi was unable to remember where he had come from or the family that awaited him thus leaving Ryn to continue his efforts until his father is ready to retake his duties. With the possibility that he wont, Ryn awaits the day he'll take his father place as leader of the pride, even though he is unsure of how well he will do.

Family Ties

Ghedi — Father — Alive
Jelani — Mother — Alive
Kweu — Mate — Alive
Kheri — Sister— Unknown
Mirae — Sister — Deceased
Kushka — Brother — Deceased
Zabibu — Sister — Deceased
Loessian — Sister — Deceased
Gahiji — Brother — Deceased

** This does not include adopted siblings or parents; just directly related through blood. To long otherwise.