Mwongozi (Elimnyama)
Name Meaning Guide, Leader (It is Dark)
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Natamba Pride
Current Pride Natamba Pride
Aliases Mwon, 'Gozi, Elimn', Elimnyama
Rank Shaman
Current Status Healthy


The furthest depths of darkness seem to have wrapped their iron grip around the form of this lanky young lion, enveloping him in a cloat of deepest midnight. Charcoal black covers his body from the sharp claws hidden within his large paws to the tip of his twitching, serpentine tail. It seems almost as if every sign of color has been siphoned away, leaving him completely monotone except for the peircing, fierce blue of his eyes. Long strands of pitch mane hang down into his eyes and fluff up along his neckline. Thicker patches cling to his cheeks, elbows, and along the crown of his chest. Muscles have begun to form beneath his midnight pelt, broadening his chest and filling out his shoulders. While nearly the size of some smaller adults, there is a lanky, lean quality to his build, suggesting that his growth is far from over. Rounded ears and massive paws support his frame and suggest that he still has a bit more growing up to do before he's quite full sized.


Born mere seconds after each other, Mwongozi and his sister are fraternal twins. However, quite unlike most, they look nearly nothing alike. The boy was born melanistic (black) while his sister was born leucistic (white). In a strange sort of yin-yang way, the two seem to be both opposites and compliments to each other. Just what this odd, rare birth could mean to the Natamba's mystic is still a mystery, and just what the future has in store for these cubs is unknown.

Even as a young cub, Mwongozi showed himself to be a rather odd little boy. He's shown an interest nature, often preferring to be outside. He's taken to drawing or representing things in the dirt, but what they mean is anyone's guess. As a cub, he would watch older lions and lionesses and listens as if he understood them completely. Sometimes it even seems that he catches on to subtext and emotions not expressed in words. At other times, he seemed no different than any other happy, curious cub, enjoying the company of his family and exploring the big new world.

As he grew older, though, it became clear that Mwongozi's skills and talents lended him more towards the life of a shaman or mystic like his mother, than a king like his father. The boy often spent more and more time alone, arranging rocks and tracing images in the sand. Without a guide to help him foster this, though, it has been left to his own explorations. Hearing some of the pride's members talk about how seeing such things as he often does bringing danger and death, he's grown a bit nervous about his own abilities, often hiding them away where others can't see. More and more, as he's grown, he's become more aloof from the pride.


Name Meaning Sex Species Relation Father Mother Rank Status
Ghedi Wanderer Male Adult Lion Father Shingo Azizi Retired King Alive
Prisa none Female Adult Lioness Mother unknown unknown Mystic/Huntress Deceased
Almarasi none Female Lioness Littermate Ghedi Prisa Mystic (in training) Deceased
Mamela Listen Female Cheetah Sister* Ghedi* Prisa* Non-Leonine Pride Member Alive


Name Meaning Sex Species Relation Father Mother Rank Status
Jelani Mighty Female Lioness Den Mother (Mate to Ghedi) Danarri Kifoda Huntress Alive
Ryngia Strength Male Lion Half Brother Ghedi Jelani King Alive
Kushka none Male Lion Half Brother Ghedi Jelani Youth Deceased
Mirae none Female Lioness Half Sister Ghedi Jelani Youth Deceased
Kheri none Female Lioness Half-sister Ghedi Jelani Youth Unknown
Zabibu none Female Lioness Half-sister Ghedi Jelani Youth Deceased
Gahiji none Male Lion Half-brother Ghedi Jelani Youth Deceased
Loessian none Female Lioness Half-sister Ghedi Jelani Youth Deceased
Malik none Male Lion Half-brother Ghedi Haiba Youth Deceased
Tahzoo none Male Elder Lion Grandfather Banliogan Knemi Retired King / Elder Alive


  • When he was young, the cub was given two different names. His father called him 'Mwongozi', while his mother called him 'Elimnyama'. He seems to respond to either name and hasn't shown a preference as of yet.
  • Mwongozi is easily mistaken for a pather cub, although that may change once he actually starts getting some mane growth.