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Name Mamela
Gender Female
Species Cheetah
Group Natamba Pride

Immediate Family

Relation Name Status
Birth Mother Mbio Deceased
Mother Prisa Alive
Father Ghedi Alive
Mate Talo Alive


Name Mother Father Brother/Sister Status
Almarasi Prisa Ghedi Sister Alive
Mwongozi Prisa Ghedi Brother Alive
Mirae Jelani Ghedi Sister Alive
Ryngia Jelani Ghedi Brother Alive
Kheri Jelani Ghedi Sister Alive
Kushka Jelani Ghedi Brother Alive
Malik Jelani Ghedi Brother Alive

Extended Family

Relation Name Status
Grandfather Tahzhoo Alive
Uncle Sumi Alive
Cousin Ouwa Alive
Cousin Takata Alive
Cousin Themba Alive
Cousin Laluh Alive
Cousin Shairi Alive
Cousin Umbrianna Alive
Cousin Kubwini Alive
Cousin Hadhi Alive
Cousin Kutiririka Alive


Name Son/Daughter Litter Status
Duma Daughter First Alive
Mjamba Son First Alive
Kure Daughter Second Alive
Kuma Daughter Second Deceased
Mkiarefu Son Second Alive
Kyra Daughter Second Alive

Mamela was born in a nameless savannah to a cheetah named Mbio. She had only one sibling. Her only sister was killed by a rogue lion while their mother was hunting, and when Mamela was only a couple of months old, her mother went hunting and never returned. Mamela, confused and alone, wandered in search of her mother and stumbled across the Natamba Pride and Uzima Valley. Scared stiff of lions since her sister's untimely demise, she was at first timid around the big cats, but soon warmed up and was adopted by the lion Ghedi and his mate Prisa. Mamela has since lived with the pride for a year and has met and befriended a menagarie of creatures, including crocodiles, meerkats, lions, leopards, and many others. Her mate, Talo, is also a recent inducted member of the pride, along with her two small cubs, Duma and Mjamba.