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Name Meaning None
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Juvenile
Birth Pride Natamba
Current Pride Natamba
Aliases Kush
Rank Youth
Current Status Healthy


Kushka has most of his parents features his fathers strong build and his mother's colour along with her nose and paws. His fur is that of a light shade of brown similar to his mother. His fur upon his head is that of a darker shade of fur. His paws are big with black edges for their tips. Build is allot like his father strong and solid which will aid him when he grows up. Other than the great qualities he has from both his parents he's just your average lion-cub.


Last born, Kushka is the second son of Jelani and her mate Ghedi's first litter.

Immediate Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Ghedi Male Lion Father King of Natamba Alive
Jelani Female Lioness Mother Huntress Alive
Kheri Female Juve. Lioness Sister Youth Alive
Mirae Female Juve. Lioness Sister Youth Alive
Ryngia Male Juve. Lion Brother Youth Alive


Name Sex Species Litter Father Status

Extended Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Danarri Male Lion Grandfather Rogue Unknown
Kifoda Female Lioness Grandmother Rogue Deceased
Dalcar Male Lion Uncle Rogue Alive
Khalfa Male Lion Uncle Guard Alive
Farai Female Lioness Aunt Rogue Deceased
Khess Female Lioness Aunt Rogue Alive
Laluh Female Lioness Aunt Huntress Alive
Prisa Female Lioness Step-Mother Mystic/Huntress Alive
Mamela Female Cheetah Step-Sister Alive
Ghabara Male Juve. Lion Cousin Youth NPC - Alive
Jorelsi Female Juve. Lioness Cousin Youth NPC - Alive
Almarasi Female Juve. Lioness Half-Sister Youth Alive
Mwongozi Male Juve. Lion Half-Brother Youth Alive

** This does not include adopted siblings or parents; just directly related through blood or courtship. To long otherwise.