Name Meaning Trial by Ordeal
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Shadow-lands Pride
Current Pride Natamba Pride
Aliases 'po
Rank Guardian (Knight)
Current Status Healthy


There are many roads to travel, and many paths that lead to where you need to be. Kiapo, trial by ordeal, has suited his name in the days since his birth, wandering the long pathways in search of a something… someone lost.

Soft stable-brown washes over his fur from the tip of his nose down to the end of his whip-chord tail. Touches of pale cream highlight his muzzle, eyes, paws and belly. Deep reaches of chocolaty cocoa show in the strands of his mane and the tuft of his tail. The only thing that breaks this trend towards earthy tones is the pale cobalt blue of his eyes.

At first, there seems to be little unusual about Kiapo. He could be any lion on the savannah. But sometimes you don't need to be different to be unique. The long bangs of his mane hang handsomely to either side of his rounded face. A dark patch of roguish hair clings to his chin. One ear is missing a tiny notch from some long ago battle. Even so, the rest of him has managed to escape the seasons without the scars of time. In many ways he could be considered a young lion, in the prime of his life. Average in size, he bears the toned muscles of one who has had to earn his own way in the world.


Some destinies are defined by a twist of fate. Kiapo and his brother were born mere seconds apart, but that alone was enough to make one a king, and one a rogue. As a cub, Kiapo had little idea what being second born meant. It wasn't until he grew older that it began to sink in. The young heir was given special training, taught of borders and politics, things denied to the other pridal cubs. Even Kiapo's childhood friends spent more time with his brother than with him, trying to schmooze their way into the heir's good graces. Only one young lioness ever looked his way, but she was an outsider, taken away by her parents just when their childhood affections had started to blossom into something more. Still young, Kiapo had gone after her, and was rewarded for his efforts with a cuff to the head from the girl's father and a missing piece of flesh from his ear. His father, close on his heels, was quick to return his errant son back to the pride's lands.

After this Kiapo began training as a squire under one of his father's knights. Unlike a standard guardian, knights were expected to learn the ways of the royal court. Respect, vigilance, and a willingness to give their own life for a greater good. While the young lion learned, and learned well, there were some parts of the knight's teaching he could not accept. A knight does not question, always following orders given by his king. He could not make himself believe that someone blindly following orders would make a proper knight, and thus there was always a rift between himself and his teacher. Even so, his father had hoped that he might grow out of such rebellion.

As he passed the cusp of adolescence into adulthood, Kiapo watched from a distance as his brother took the throne. Once the crown was passed from father to son, the old lion called his second child up to stand before the pride. At that moment, Kiapo faced a very difficult choice… to bow to his brother's rule, or to leave. So, the young lion turned his back on all he ever knew, setting out to make his own place in the world. He had been given a name fitting his path in life. 'Trial by ordeal', Kiapo has faced each trial with good graces, becoming a far better lion for all his struggles than one would have imagined, following the paths of his feet far from his home, until his road brought him back to the lioness he had lost so long ago. Together, they have found their place within a pride, perhaps a home at last.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Mguumoto Male Elder Lion Father Ex-King of the Shadow-lands Alive
Safura Female Elder Lioness Mother Ex-Queen of the Shadow-lands Alive
Kinaifu Male Lion Brother King of the Shadow-lands Alive
Tahla Female Lioness Mate Huntress Alive