Name Meaning None
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adol.
Birth Pride None
Current Pride Natamba
Aliases Jink
Rank Youth
Current Status Deceased


Jinko first came to the Natamba pride as a cub after having been rejected by other prides in the area. His birth mother killed during a hunt, one of the lands kings and a lioness names Sanyu adopted him at their son. He lived with there for many moons before Sanyu seemed to have disappeared and a lioness named Jelani came to the lands and took him in as her own.

As an adolescent he was rambunctious, always getting into trouble, even hurting a few rogue lionesses that were visiting the Uzima Valley. One such incident with a lioness named Khess, whom he liked for a long time, he attacked her for leaving and baring the cubs of another lion. He was later killed for a scandalous crime against one of the pridal youths.

He was buried at the Falls, a place where he will always be remembered by those who loved him.

Immediate Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Ghedi Male Lion Father* King of Natamba Alive
Jelani Female Lioness Mother* Huntress Alive
Sanyu Female Adol. Lioness Mother* Huntress Unknown

Extended Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Janja Male Lion Uncle* Guard Alive
Kibete Male Lion Uncle* Guard Alive
Khalfa Male Lion Uncle* Guard Alive
Sumi Male Lion Uncle* King of Natamba Alive
Tahzhoo Male Elder Lion Grandfather* Elder Alive
  • Donates Adopted