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Name Meaning Traveler, Explorer (Somali)
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride Life Valley
Current Pride Natamba Pride
Aliases None
Rank Retired King
Current Status Alive and well!


A dark chocolate coloured mane frames the head of this lion. His fur is also somewhat darker than the usual tawny of the typical lion. He bears many scars, some fairly recent, and others faded by time. One on his shoulder and neck tells a tale of a great battle that very nearly cost him his life. Others are superficial claw marks… He is somewhat aloof, but not unfriendly. He carries himself as though he is bearing a great burden, and there is frequently a hint of sadness in his expression.


Born of the rulers of Life Valley, Shingo and Azizi, Ghedi was to be heir to that kingdom and lands. Upon awakening one morning, the cub Ghedi found himself to be quite alone in his birth cave. He waited over a day for his mother to return, suspecting nothing was wrong and that she was just taking longer than usual with her hunt. Hunger finally drove him from the cave and he started searching for his mother. He spent the entire second day wandering around the valley, checking all the places his mother had shown him. She was nowhere to be found. He was very hungry, very frightened, and unsure of what to do. He drank as much water as he could hold to try to quiet his empty belly. As he was heading back toward the cave, he picked up a familier scent. His sister Kimia, but it was not a fresh scent. It was many days old, and it was heading out of the valley. With no other options open to him, he followed the scent trail. He was on the trail a whole day before the hyenas found him. They tormented him for a while, until he was able to climb a tree and escape from them. He spent another day in the tree, waiting until he was sure they were gone. Finally, dehydrated, and near starvation, he searched for his sisters scent trail again. It was now so feignt he could barely detect it, but it seemed to be leading toward a distant grove of trees. He dragged himself the rest of the way and collapsed in a heap beside a waterhole. He was about to give in to despair when his sister arived, along with the king of the Natamba, Tahzhoo. Kimia had just recently lost a litter of cubs herself, so she knew exactly what to do for the starved and dehydrated cub. She nursed him until he was out of danger. Tahzhoo eventually adopted him, and he stayed with the pride even after his sister left. Not long after, a terrible fire swept through the Golden Lands, the name of the prides' land, and the pride was forced to flee, leaving many behind who did not survive the flames. It was a very sad time, for Ghedi had lost his siblings and playmates, and for a long time was the only surviving cub. They spent some time as nomads, living in the great Utatu valley, until Tahzhoo recovered from his fire related injuries and led the pride to his birth place, the Uzima Valley. Now grown to adulthood, Ghedi leads the pride with his brother Sumi.

Many years have passed and due to amnesia, Ghedi announced his retire as king passing leadership to his son. He now spends his time with family and friends.


Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Shingo Male Lion Father Life Valley King Deceased
Azizi Female Lioness Mother Life Valley Queen Alive
Tahzhoo Male Elder Lion Father* Retired King/Elder Alive
Jelani Female Lioness Mate Huntress Alive
Sara Female Lioness Cub Sister Youth Alive


Name Sex Species Litter Mother Rank Status
Mamela Female Cheetah Adopted Prisa Alive
Almarasi Female Juve. Lioness First Prisa Youth Deceased
Elimnyama Male Lion First Prisa Shaman Alive
Kushka Male Juve. Lion First Jelani Youth Deceased
Ryngia Male Lion First Jelani King Alive
Kheri Female Lioness First Jelani Huntress Unknown
Mirae Female Juve. Lioness First Jelani Youth Deceased
Zabibu Female Juve. Lioness Second Jelani Youth Deceased
Loessian Female Juve. Lioness Second Jelani Youth Deceased
Gahiji Male Lion Cub Second Jelani Youth Deceased
Malik Male Lion Cub First Haiba Youth Deceased


Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Sumi Male Lion Step-Brother Alive
Janja Male Lion Step-Brother Guardian Alive
Kibete Male Lion Step-Brother Rogue Unknown

* Adopted