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Emotional Distress
InsanekittyInsanekitty 26 Feb 2012 04:13
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Ryngia - m. Lion (king)
Iyzuu - f. Lioness
Tahzhoo - m. Elder Lion

Uzima Hunting Grounds

Fresh air, every lion needs it. Stepping out of the caves, the first thing Ryn does is take a deep breath then head out for a stroll. Tail flicking and a quick shake of his mane, the lion makes for the hillside, the many herds of course catching his eyes when entering the hunting ground. It has been some time since he's made a hunt but that currently wasn't on his mind of things to do. Moving on he galcnes around for anyone who may be in the area.

Iyzuu prefers the fresh air as a rule, it just feels more like home to her. There's at least one lioness out in the hunting grounds. Quietly stalking a small group of impala away from the main bulk of the herd Iyzuu treads lightly through the grasses. Her eye fixed on one in particular all her senses are focused ahead and on prey, not looking out for other lions. She's a lot more used to hunting alone.

By the time Ryn reaches half way to the hill, he notices a bleak figure through the grass. He stops to give watch, broading his gaze outward to the impala herd then back to the figure. Someone was out hunting it seems. Changing his mind about the hill he decides to plant himself here, taking a seat to continue his watch on the huntress.

Depth perception is not Iyzuu's strong point, nor is following anything that goes too far right. She's strong but she's smallish, she's probably not expected to be much of a hunter but it helps to get the disadvantages early on and live with them in a way. She succeeds in getting very close before one of the group spots her and she's forced to charge for her target as they start to scatter. She drives the impala left to keep it on her good side and quickly closes the gap. A pounce and for a moment she seems to have it, almost brings it down until a lucky kick knocks her off again and her prey escapes with only some rather deep claw marks on it's rump. She growls in frustration but as she sits down with a huff and starts to lick her paw clean she's clearly no worse off for the kick.

[Tahzhoo] On his way back to the caves the elder crosses the hunting grounds, hesitating in his steps when noticing Ryngia with a lioness not far away…

Who was the huntress, a curious gaze follows the now in chase lioness. When her sprint is over ending in the hunts failure, Ryn stands and slowly makes over. Time to find out who it was even with a decent idea already. When near enough the obtain identity the lion smiles. "Must be hard with only one good eye." He remarks. Moving up along the good side of the lioness he comes to a stop. "Hows it going, Iyzuu?" Not to well he'd imagine with the lose of a possible kill.
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It happens more often than any lioness would care to admit. Hunting was never exactly easy. She sees Ryngia coming and visibly stiffens. Iyzuu's all fired up from hunting, it's difficult not to be on the defensive side "It usually goes better. Perhaps it's injuries will make it slower for the next time" she would have rather shown herself as useful to have in the pride but that's just not how it went. She's yet to spot Tahzhoo, her attention is fixed on watching Ryngia's movements.

[Tahzhoo] For a moment he ponders if he should move on and let them talk alone. Though in the end the elder's curiousity gets the better of him and he changes directions towards lion and lioness.

Ryngia picks up on this stiffening and watches himself. She did it that last time they met face to face too, it was odd really. Cupping his ears back when he looks to the retreating wounded impala he nods to her words. "I've confidence it will." Turning back to Iyzuu he notcies Tahzhoo approaching their direction, shifting his eyes that way for a brief moment then back to the lioness. "Ever tried hunting with someone else?" He wonders not trying to sound like she needed to.

Iyzuu can't help it. Logically she knows he's unlikely to attack her for no reason but everytime she looks at a lion she met with memories of claws and pain. She believes she can handle it or she wouldn't have come. So far so good too. Her bad eye can just about pick out dim shapes moving about but it's not until Ryngia looks away to spot Tahzhoo that she chances a look as well. Another lion. It's just Tahzhoo, everything's fine. Calm. She doesn't like to take her eye off either but it's one or the other so she fixes on Ryngia and strains her ears for the elders movements while her mind fixes on nice polite conversation "I sometimes used to hunt with my mother when she was alive" they worked well together but of course the lioness knew Iyzuu's strengths and weakness better than anyone.

[Tahzhoo] He's witnessed the unsuccessful hunt and watches the two talking. Approaching them without any hurry he gets into earshot, omitting an audible greeting as both of them already looked at him. When they did they were greeted by a nod and now that he sits down about a body length away from each of them, forming a triangle, he still remains quiet in order to not interrupt the ongoing conversation.

The likelihood that Ryngia would attack anyone with or without a reason was little to none. He's witnessed enough fighting in his life to want to avoid it. His actions were small, for now as he watched the lioness, eyeing Tahz from the side until he settles nearby. A nod meets the lion in greeting before addressing Iyzuu fully. "I'm sorry for you lose." He's never actually hunted with his mother but know the bond one shared. "Ever think of trying it with those here?" If she was going to be with them in the pride she at least needed to hunt with them.

Iyzuu just nods to Ryngia's words about her mother. The lioness hadn't even been her actual mother, her real one died long before that but she practically grew up all over again with a new one. If she thought about it she'd be sad, so she does her best not to think about it. Instead sticking to the safe topic of hunting "I had hoped to, when one of the others are free" Baliwe naturally would be her first choice, she'll probably get to know the other lionesses as time goes on though. She shifts a little as Tahzhoo settles down, trying to get both comfortably within sight before she finally returns the greeting with a nod back.

[Tahzhoo] The elder remains quiet for a moment longer, as the conversation goes on about hunting. As an experienced and patient observer he didn't fail to notice something like an uneasiness when he was sitting down, with her shifting a bit to keep her one good eye on both of them at the same time. There's a thought that comes to his mind, an assumption so far. It needs a lioness or a talk to confirm it.

Least she was trying.. however long it would take, Ryn gave her credit for that much. Glancing to Tahz for yet another moment he wonders something, though fails to ask as he looks back to Iyzuu with something rather irrelevant in mind. "I've noticed something." He says. "Last we met you seemed rather on edge, uncertain. I hope that wasn't because of me.. if it was I'd like to fix that." Here is were he taken an action that would either end terrible or quite well. Moving up to Iyzuu he on purposely invades her space testing something out.

Iyzuu is still on edge, the uncertainty at least has dimmed with the acceptance into the pride but being at ease could take a long while longer. Everything seems fine though, she even manages to feel slightly bad that Ryngia had considered that it might be his fault. However all thoughts of explaining, or any thoughts at all scatter to the winds as suddenly he's right there, far too close. With the surprise her fear breaks lose and then a split second later absolute rage. For better or worse she came to be taught that when something scared her she should beat the living snot out of it, which is why she doesn't think twice about her actions, instead she's quickly to her feet, roaring and swinging a big paw at Ryngia's head, claws extended.

[Tahzhoo] Well, that was one way to find out, given the younger lion had the same assumption. One way but not the most clever one. He would have probably just moved out of her vision and towards her back for this test, keeping the distance. His estimation is confirmed by the lioness' reaction - to which he remains completely calm. Keeping his sitting position he just observes - and finally speaks, addressing Iyzuu in a likewise calm voice. "It was a male who did this, right?"

Ryngia has been hit in the head before and the one from Iyzuu is no differnt from the other. Taking it, he winces but doesn't let it stop him from achiveing what he had in mind. Ears back he uses his weight to push at the lioness in retaliation, not wanting to strike back and cause further harm to her phycie than already.

Iyzuu doesn't take things well. She's the opposite of calm. Something snapped and while the surprise is wearing off it's not exactly instant. Putting her weight onto her rump she gets her forepaws free she fights back against the pushing with a few more blows before suddenly springing away to a safer distance. She doesn't run though, no matter how scared she was she's still there and quickly spins back to face Ryngia "Stay over there!" she orders with a roar. One an average day she can look pretty scary without trying, while spitting, snarling and growling as she glares burning, poison, serrated daggers at him she boarders on terrifying at times. It's pretty clear she hasn't heard a word Tahzhoo said, her mind's currently at war over the intentions of Ryngia's actions and whether she should still be attacking him for them.

[Tahzhoo] The elder is both surprised and appalled by Ryngia's action. What is he up to?! His approach was way more direct and provoking than any he would have chosen and her reaction to it was more harsh and agressive than he expected. Though instead of standing back, calming the situation and rethinking he pushes even further. He gets up, preparing himself when the lioness jumps away. Should Ryngia try to keep on getting close to her he'll move his body between the two, to stopp his approach and separate them.

When Iyzuu tells him to stay he does exactly that, falling back; taking a several steps back and taking a seat. The shot to his head had cut his ear and it was starting to sting. "Ok." Watching her actions, Ryn side-glances to Tahz who has finally taken action. He didn't need the elders help but he was sure he looked insane by doing what he had. Ryn waited for Iyzuu's next actions toward, whether they be physical or verbal.

Iyzuu mostly moved away because Ryngia's bigger than her and some lesson long stuck in her head said to fight that with shorter, fast attacks. Being further away though gives her a chance to think again and now she doesn't know what to do. She keeps growling and snarling and when she sees Tahzhoo's moved he gets a roar in warning too but she doesn't return on the attack, she just wants them to stay away over there. She almost starts to pace but that would mean turning and she can't leave them on her blind side. She has to move though which results in an awkward dance as she keeps moving her paws. She's still got the instinct to fight but she's also full of confusion as she doesn't have a clue what Ryngia's up to.

[Tahzhoo] The elder slowly sits down again when seeing Ryngia keeping his distance now. With the few words he's spoken apparently lost in the scuffle he falls quiet again, restricting himself to just being there and watching, until someone needs him or addresses him. Otherwise he'll move on to the caves, with these two being quite busy with each other.

Ryngia just sits there waiting. He had no intention of hurting her in the slightest; afterall he took a hit from her and did nothing but use weight to force further action. He'd gotten half of what he wanted. "Whatever they did to you as sure taken its toll." He steps once more giving Iyzuu as much space as she needs to aclm herself and see that he meant no harm. Looking to Tahz he sighs wondering what was on his mind what it came to possisbly dealing with this.

Iyzuu watches them both but it's easier for her convince herself that Tahzhoo is still alright, which just leaves Ryngia. She growls a few more times but slowly quiets down, eventually panting heavily and shaking from adrenaline. His words just seem to make her angry again "What do you think he did?! He killed everyone and took my face!" she yells at him. Part if her is assuming he guessed, the other part is the paranoid little voice that still think she should be trying to kill him. She's usually at least calm but she's lost control, she doesn't like it and she's entirely blaming him for that "What do you think you're doing?" she snarls at him.

[Tahzhoo] Whatever this was good for it at least confirmed his assumption. And with the two having returned to talking instead of scuffling, talking to each other that is with none of them addressing him, he gets more and more the feeling of disturbing a private talk - or dispute. Slowly getting up he turns around, leaving in a way that will increase the distance between him and the lioness so she doesn't get the impression of him approaching her. Resuming his way to the caves he makes a mental note of having a talk sometimes later, with each of them, for different reasons.

Ryngia knew what he was doing but didn't quiet expect this kind of reaction. "I knew you had been attacked by a lion and I now know you are the lone survivor or his wrath." He tells her calmly, flicking his tail and once again taking a seat. "But that doesn't mean unleashing your rage against those here will provide you with desired wishes." His actions served a purpose, ones that proved Iyzuu was unstable when around males. "I allowed you to stay because I had hoped you'd understand that no one here is going to hurt you, because you had lost everything and that maybe, just maybe that could be redemed." He huff letting out a breath. "How am I suppose to let you stay if I cant even get you to trust me that I'm not like them."

A test. Iyzuu understood tests, even ones on her personality. Finally she was still and mostly in control again as she frowned and became a little worried. She takes a slow breath, trying to steady her thoughts and disconnect from the feelings attached to the memories before she replies more calmly, even if the calm is a little forced "I was not a lone survivor" she corrects "When he took over the pride I was born to he killed only the males, the cubs and anyone who wouldn't follow him…I was among the cubs" when she says the lion had killed everyone it's from rather a young point of view. He killed everyone that mattered to her "I have no desire to unleash rage on anyone, except him" she pauses to quell some feelings of anger before going on "You surprised me and I lost control…I hate losing control and I regret it" she knows it's dangerous, she really wants to be able to master her feelings all the time. She hesitates for a moment, thinking over the last part "…I barely know you, trust takes time. You provoked a bad memory I don't have as well contained as I had hoped. If it helps if you were truly like him we wouldn't be talking now and I'm sure one of us would be dead"

Ryngia listens closely as he watches the lioness try to calm herself, something he was rather glad to be seeing. Iyzuu had quite the defensive response toward him and he was surprisingly alarmed and glad it was only a swipe to the head and some claw marks and not something more. "Yes it does, but trust comes in many forms." He tells her. "You put trust in me the day you asked to stay and I returned it by allowing you to." As a gust of wind comes threw the gash on his head from the swipe stings and Ryn closes her eyes to bare it. Reopening them he says. "Sure you have your problems, but who doesn't. I only did this because I wanted to see your reaction, the emotion you'd put forth when overwhelmed. I know now and its something we can overcome. You'll have to let me in though." He wanted to help no matter what it took.

Iyzuu doesn't like to admit that when she attacked she wasn't thinking of Ryngia for a moment, she was thinking of the other lion so long ago. She's starting to feel a bit guilty for attacking him, that probably helps his case "I…haven't met many lions since then" truthfully she hadn't really met any until she came to the pride, she'd always avoided it while she still had her mother. As it turns out that may not have been such a good plan if she's reacting that badly "I will try to work on it" accepting help with it was a little harder for her.

Hearing her say she'd try was better than her saying 'leave me alone this isn't your problem.' So long as she was here it was his problem. "Its understandable. Had it happened to me, I'd avoid them too." Even as a male himself, he too has fears. A smile creeping to Eyn's face seeing hope in this one he nods. "I'd like to help if you'll allow it." Dispite how she reacts, he'd risk it.

Kweu appears on the uppermost portion of the nearby hill, slowly coming into clearer focus as she descends the slope, heading for the hunting grounds. Her reason for leaving the elevated portion of the valley is simple enough - she is looking to hunt. As much is evident in the way that she moves, her steps more rigid and her body held closer to the ground.. at first. But once she gets to the flat area at the bottom of the lands, she realizes that she is not alone. She sees two others ahead. One appears to be Ryngia, but the other.. ?

Iyzuu knows she has problems, there are few she considers in such clear need of working on though. She nods slowly at his offer though her words for now reject it "Another time perhaps" she's not behaving like herself right now, she feels too emotional. Kweu she hears before she sees but a short glance proves that she doesn't know the newest arrival anyway.

Ryngia nods and accepts her answer. No use making her do something she wasn't comfortable doing; not yet anyway. "Alright. I'm here when your ready." Noteing Iyzuu's glance, he follows it to the arrival of another. It was his mate.. a pleasent sight indeed. A smile posed to Kweu, he lets out a chuff welcomeing her. "You said you'd like the chance to hunt with others of the pride. Perhaps Kweu will welcome you in her hunt." Only assuming that is why she's come that is.

Iyzuu has a lot on her mind now and calm though she appears now she needs to clear her head. Their little fight has probably cleared out the prey to a safe distance anyway. A nod and she moves "Another time I'm sure…I'm going to walk for a while" until she finds herself far away from anyone so she can try to deal with everything out of sight.

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A New King
InsanekittyInsanekitty 22 Feb 2012 05:58
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Tahzhoo - m. Elder Lion
Kweu - f. Lioness
Ryngia - m. Lion (King)
Ghedi - m. Lion (Former King)
Jelani - f. Lioness

Uzima - Top of a Hill

Only a short time after the incident at the hill slope the elder makes his way to the top again. When having reached it he looks around for other who might have gathered here..

Several days spent in the caves watching over Mamela and her cub gave a well deserved walk to a lioness whos legs could use a good stretch. With several others there now to replace her for the time being, Jelani's made her way past the hill to the jungle and beyond. Returning only half a day later, its the hilltop where she takes to resting. Sitting up-right the chocolate lioness watches the lands below not really paying much attention to anything but one of the small herds that has a few new members running about from their group.

[Tahzhoo] He can see Jelani, and Kweu being asleep - but no one else. No Ghedi, no Ryngia. A soft sighs expresses his disappointment of either having missed the gathering already - or it didn't happen. Heading for the lonely lioness he nods his head in a greeting, after he followed her look for a moment. "Looking for some good meal? Hello, Jelani. I'm a bit surprised to see only you here. Shouldn't there be a gathering here, due to Ghedi's announcement? Or did I get the time wrong?"

[Jelani] A single ear turns to meet the elder when he nears. "A gathering yes, but it seems Ghedi never showed to make such an announcement." She had noticed his lack of presence when she arrived. Eyes shifting along the plain she says, "So, I imagine your timeing still fairs well." Looking to the lion now she nods. "The young play. The herds are surely on high alert." She knew better than to hunt when the kids

[Tahzhoo] He frowns when hearing about Ghedi never showed up. What reason might there be for him not appearing here and not leaving a message or sending a messenger, either? Did something happen to him? Is he in trouble? He starts to feel restless, while at the same time know how long it would take to search the whole valley. On the other paw, there's another search to be done, anyway. The subject of the herd being pushed aside for now he wonders, "So Ryngia is looking for him?" He's seen Kweu but not Ryngia, assuming he might be searching his father.

There could of been many reason why Ghedi was not here or even why her son has left the hill. Perhaps he was indeed out searching for his father, of perhaps something else of importance drew his attention. Jelani tried to keep an eye on her family but even she loses track at times. Senseing the elders restlessness over the situation she looks him over through her silence before meeting up at his eyes. "It is quiet possible." Turning away and back out to the valley she hmms. If they were indeed out there, then perhaps they could be seen from here.

[Tahzhoo] The lion sighs when he, too, looks out over the valley. No time to talk with Jelani, not before his worries are calmed down. There's something else he needs to ask though, before he starts searching for Ghedi. "Might you know some kind of healer, Jelani? Someone still in the valley?"

Ghedi climbs up the hill, looking tired. He glances around, expecting to see dissapointment in the faces of his family members… "I'm sorry I'm late. I went for a walk to refresh my memories of the valley, and to think about what I was going to say. I found that it was not easy… So much of what I was is still hidden in the fog of my missing memories. This should be a happy time for me, and a happy time for my son, yet I find myself troubled. I can't keep you all waiting any longer though…" He sits and glances around… "Now, where is the lion of the hour?"

"A healer.." Jelani, once more looks to the elder with raised brow. "I asumme you want one to look at Mamela then." It was a good idea but she has failed to see anyone with such skills left in the valley. "I am sorry, but I have seen none." It was a sad thing really, knowing you had someone ill that you care for and not be able to do anything about it. "Has she not improved?" It may have been a short time since she's seen the cheetah but alot can happen in the shortest of time. A familiar voice comes to earshot when her words fall quiet. Looking across the hill its the very lion they'd been speaking of not long ago who appears. "Say their name and they show.." she smirks. "Hello hon." Looking past him to see if by chance Ryngia was following behind, she waits.

[Tahzhoo] "Yes, for Mamela. I'm worried about her slow progress when it comes to regain her strength. And that run in with her brother surely didn't help— Ghedi!" Focused on how to begin the search and answering Jelani he doesn't notice his son until he hears his voice. Getting up and turning around he heads for him in a quick gait, greeting him with an affectionate and very relieved cheek rub. His voice doesn't show disappointment but joy, glad to see Ghedi here and well, not having to search for him in worry.

[Kweu] She had been doing something similar to Ghedi, albeit for different reasons and for a different length of time. Having found that she needed time to think over some events of recent days, the lioness moved away from the gathering of cats for most of the day but once refreshed and with a clearer mindset, she returned to the hill a few hours ago. And of course, sleep ensued. That is what she has been doing until now, her body tucked into the grasses.. yet when voices are heard growing in volume, she stirs and wakens.

Ryngia had left the hill when his father didn't show, but it wasn't to find the reason he didn't but rather to fill his curiosity. Spending a better part of the day down by the falls talking to one he had seen sleeping several times before meeting awake, he noticed his father heading toward the hill when he, himself, had head out to return there. Picking up his pace, Ryn meets up behind his father right as they reach the top. "Right behind you." He announces, bumping Ghedi in the rump with his nose before moving up alongside him.

[Ghedi] "Ah… Good… I suppose the others left already. I am sorry about that… Ryngia, I had hopped to have more of myself back by now, but there I still far more forgotten than remembered. This pride has sustained me, and many others for a long time. There is still very rich history, and I had hoped to pass that on. I suppose now that task will have to fall on my father. My son, I pass on to you nothing you don't already have. You are a leader, and you have the respect of the pride. The Natamba, as best as I can recall, have never stood on titles or stations. If you wish to call yourself king, that is up to you. All that I ruled over, all that I posses, all that is mine by right, I now pass to you. Natamba, this is your new leader." He dips his head to his son.

[Jelani] So Mamela still lacked a regain in strength- odd. She could think of no reason why she'd remain in such a state other than if she wasn't eatting or the pregnacy put to much stress on her that her body was unable to recover properly. Hearing that Ryn had a run in with her too puzzles her. What could he of said that would require concern. For the time being though, that is not the question that lies at the top of what seems everyones list. Seeing her son appear from behind Ghedi was a question answered. Turning around to face them, she watches Tahzhoo approach his son and show his relief. Taking a seat after her rotation she listens to what is said before looking to their son and back. It was rather sudden, Ghedi's speech, but also long over due.

[Tahzhoo] After having rubbed his whole flank along Ghedi's he turns around and sits down by his side. A movement is noticed from the sleeping lioness, and Ryngia is arriving, or better: returning. When Ghedi speaks he listens quietly, with a hint of pain on his face. Yes, he might be the only one still preserving the whole history of the pride, and except for what he was able to pass to Janja and Ghedi it might gone with him, sometimes soon. None of the former lionesses is left, none of his daughters and just two of his sons (by some strange, ironic reference to his father's pride none of those he shares blood with but those he adopted), one of them having lost so many valuable memories. Most of them he'll hopefully find again, one time, but so much will be lost, including Banliogan's heritage of white hued fur and somewhat larger paws. And now the pride will enter a new area, with Ryngia being pride leader now. The former melancholy is replaced with a soft smile. So much might be or get lost, but after all he's still here, and he's granted the rare luck to witness leadership being passed to one of his grandsons.

Kweu wakens swiftly when she recognizes several of the voices and realizes that something of great importance is happening. With a small, hard exhale of breath, the lioness pushes herself up to her paws and arches her neck to lift her head as high as possible over the grasses. Yes.. there is Ghedi, and Ryngia, and Tahzhoo, all three generations. So it must be time. She steps forward quickly but does not join directly in the intimate circle of the lions but rather she keeps a respectful distance, and then sits down again. She does so in time to hear the official passing of leadership from Ghedi to Ryngia, and a warm smile is given to the now retired king and then to her mate, the newest ruler of the valley.

Along side his father, Ryngia looks to see who was all here; a fair number, even his own mate. A soft smile he gives to her. Taking a few steps toward Kweu, its his fathers voice that brings him pause. When turning to look toward him a brief moment is given to his grandfather, nodding to him in a manner most apologetic. He would do the same to his sister when time granted. To his father now, he finds no blame in his forgotten memories. Life has its way of making things difficult and he understands this. Its through those difficulties that have made them who they are, who he is. Further listening to his father, there are so many things he has failed to learn, to hear, and to experience but with time on his side there was plenty of it to make up for. Toward the end of Ghedi's speech, Ryn looked to tear. He had waited for this moment since he was a cub but to have it placed upon him now was a feeling he could yet describe. Watching his father dip his head before him a soft smile appears over his maw before dipping his own. It was out of respect. "I shall do my best to continue on where you have left off. To ensure the Natamba lives on for years to come and to protect not just the valley but those that call it home." It is when Ryn raises his head to everyone that a hint of wet falls down a cheek. Looking over everyone his gaze falls longest upon his mate whom he now approaches and nuzzles. She had been there for him and hoped she would continue to do so. Moments later he turns back to the group approaching them all seperate.

Ghedi sits beside his father and smiles over at his son. "I know you will be a great leader Ryngia. You still have me to help you out if needed, and mother still knows best." He gives his mate a wink and a smile. "Well dad, two generations retired… What will we two old cats do to fill the time?"

Jelani sits quietly through every word spoken and every action taken. It was a moment of passing that would surely bring a change to the valley and most certainly the pride that lived within it. The history that not even she was all to familiar with now lays open to be continued by her son and those who stand by his side and bring into this world. It was a sad moment and yet a joyous one. A moment she thought to come years in the making. Giving her son a nod she sits there watching him ad he makes his rounds before looking to her mate with a smirk. "I can think of something." She moves over to Ghedi's side, brushing up against him in nuzzle.

[Tahzhoo] "You'll find it difficult to stop reacting to a roar, a threat or just a stranger, the way you used to do," he answers his son, in a mild voice. "You might also feel a relief, Ghedi, as a huge burden is taken from your shoulder. Though most of all you'll feel a hole in your life, the feeling of something very important being missing, of not being needed any longer and lacking a task.. You'll have to find something to fill that hole, son." It took him a very long time to do so, but in the end he was blessed with a new responsibility that needs him. When Ryngia approaches him he dips his head. "Congratulation, Ryngia. May your decisions be guided by wisdom and your actions be as considered as your words. May your leadership be a long and good one to remember, and blessed by the Great Kings of the Past." He pauses shortly. "You should now make pride and valley hear your voice, and tell all those lurking at the borders how well-protected this valley is. Roar, Ryngia, roar as loud as you can."

Kweu leans into the affection that Ryngia offers and returns it with a ready nuzzling of her own, taking a moment to whisper her congratulations into his ear. But she keeps her place when he withdraws and begins to spend a few moment with each lion gathered here. So as her mate is busy with such things, she turns an ear to Ghedi as he makes his comment about retirement. Jelani's words bring a bemused smile to her face, and so of course she must add in her own teasing remark. A light hearted flick of her tail punctuates her words as she says, "And you will be busy with hunting meals for the pride so that the lionesses may spend more time sunbathing.. of course." She tips her head up a little, although the playfulness fades from her face as Tahzhoo speaks earnestly, and she looks to her mate.. waiting.

Nearing Tahz, Ryn is hesitant. For a long time he had resented the lion; for the things he had, the respect he held with those he only dreamed to stand next to. It was now his turn to try and gain that same respect. Listening to his grandfather, he nods and without much notice he nuzzles the elder lion silent words reaching out that say 'thank you'. They may not of seen eye to eye all that often but in a way, he was grateful to him him around. Pulling away he saves the roar for later, moving to his mother. All the trouble he had brought her growing up and yet still still loved him for who he was. Nuzzling her aswell he at last moves to his father whom out of all the lions here respected the most. Nothing is said for he had a feeling Ghedi already knew. A few words shared from Kweu he smirks. His father hunting.. Giving himself space now, its the roar his grandfather insisted that he takes focus now. His thanks are given, now it was time to let all now he was ready. So lifting his head high he reaches out with a voice from the heart.

* Ryngia's roar echoes all across the valley. *

Ghedi smiles… "Well, he has good volume, but I'm not sure about the accent." He chuckles… "He is my sone for sure." He gives his mate a nuzzle… "I feel so proud right now. Everything I hoped for when I met you has come to pass. And now that I am retired, perhaps you will say the same." He gives his father a nuzzle too… "And thank you for your words dad. Both for me, and for my son. The passing of the mantle is both a relief, and a burdon, but our future looks bright."

Ghedi lifts his head and roars…
* Ghedi's roar echoes all across the valley. *

Jelani found Kweu's suggestion rather amusing but she just couldn't see him doing that. Not just yet anyway. Nuzzling him once more she smiles. "I am proud of you, our son; of everthing thats lead up to today." She could not of hope for anything more then this day. With her sons roar, then her mates, she takes little time to follow suit with one of her own.

* Jelani's roar echoes all across the valley. *

[Tahzhoo] The elder returns the nuzzle he receives from Ryngia, nodding his head to him when he pulls back. His eyes follow the younger lion to Jelani and Ghedi, nodding to him and his words. And when Ryngia's roar echoes through the valley Taz stands up and adds a roar of his own, his share of the pridal roar. It lacks the presence of strength it once was carrying way beyond the borders of Uzima and into the hearts of enemies and foes, but it still contains the determination and dedication that has been with him all the time since cubhood, and that will accompany him even to his very last step. It's not as loud as Ryngia's but still deafening, and it comes by heart.

* Tahzhoo's roar echoes all across the valley. *

Kweu is the last to join in the chorus but she makes up for the fact with her enthusiasm. Once the calls of the others are rolling through the valley, the lioness tilts her head and pulls back her ears before letting out a roar of her own. It is not so deep and heavy toned as the males' but the notes of it blend well with Jelani's as she celebrates her mate's rise to leadership.

* Kweu's roar echoes all across the valley. *

Each roar following his was like that of a single note that would make of the song that would begin his reign. Each roar filled him with confidence and acceptance. Listening to them fade across the valley Ryn looked to those who remained and was glad to have them here with him. "I'm glad to be able to call you all my family. For being there and having my back- thank you."

Ghedi smiles as the echos of the roars return from distant hills and trees… "Well, what ever neighbors we have left, they certainly know we are home. Well done my son." He sees that his father has slipped off to sleep. Well that is one advantage to being old… You can sleep instanly almost anywhere… "I think I might take a nap myself. I didn't get much sleep last night."

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Mamela has stepped away from the sleeping lion twins, feeling a little too restless for sleep. The rather round cheetah has come up to the top of the hill, but she sits down once reaching the peak, and pants. She lies down, deciding she needs to rest.

Jelani had been out in the hunting ground just as she said she would be, however, she doesn't quiet make it back to the tree instead heading toward the hillside. It was like something or someone was calling and she just had to figure out what. Having carried her kill up to the hill and leaving it at the base, she moves upward. Mamela just caught making her own way up the hill she blinks not sure if trudging up a hill was the best thing for her to do. Following up after her, she's unaware of who else might be at its peak.

Ghedi left the shelter of the tree and followed the recent scent trail of his mate, following her through the hunting grounds, and finally in the direction of the hill. He spots her ahead and heads in her direction. He can also smell the scent of a fresh kill and his belly urges him forward at a faster pace…

Mamela's ears twitch to Jelani's pawsteps. She lifts her head and turns it, trying to catch her breath to speak. "Hi…" she says breathlessly. Her father isn't seen yet.

Ryngia was at the hilltop for the second day in a row, keeping watch over the valley while at the same time searching for another. Eyes peering down across the valley its the figure of his mother that draws his attention down the hillside and not without stopping upon the kill she leaves behind. Mamela hadn't gone unnoticed, her panting drawing his attention from his mother. When looking to her his actions are forced to meet the cheetah at her side when she takes to the ground to regain what strength she can. By doing this is misses his fathers approach.

Just as she makes it to the top Jelani is met with a breathed hi some the one cheetah she has trailed up here for. "Mamela." She would of thought her to remain at the tree with the others. "Your exhausted." Just then her son is met as she nears the two. "Ryn." Perhaps he was the what brought here.. Nonetheless she smiles to her son before giving Mamela a light nuzzle.

Ghedi passes by the kill, though his belly is rumbling. He heads for the top of the hill and the small group he sees there. "Hi Ryn, Jelani and Mamela. I see my daughter is not resting as she should be… I'm glad to run into you son. We have some things to talk about…"

"Hi, Ryn." Mamela says, still breathlessly. "Yeah, I am. But a little sitdown will cure that." she smiles to Jelani. Her father's words, however, make her frown. "I was just resting a few minutes ago. I haven't walked that far."

"You didn't bring it with you…" Ryn chuckles joking on the fact his mother didn't bring her kill up with her when she could have. He'll have to go get is himself soon enough, but before he can its his father that makes his presence known with an obvious desire to talk. He would of thought after all this time he'd want to know how he was, but he's accept a good talking to too. Offering his father a nod, he turns to Mamela who states she had just rested; apparently not long enough if she's this tired after such a short walk. His mother next, he smiles. "We should all know by now that Mamela has a mind of her own. Working herself to exhaustion before tending to her own needs." He smirks at hs sister meaning well.

[Jelani] What does he mean she didn't bring it with her.. could of sworn she did. A joined bit of laughter she turns upon hearing Ghedi behind her coming from the ground below and silence takes her for a moment. "Ghedi.." Another she didn't think to find out this way. Turning from Mamela, she heads to her mate and gives him a nuzzle. "Seems we've a little family reunion here." She couldn't be any more happy to see her family here. Taking a seat beside him she nods in total agreement with Ryn. Mamela certainly did what she wanted. "That she does, but I'm sure she'll be fine. Afterall she knows herself better than any of us." Standing up for Memala some she does wish she'd take it easier on herself at least until the cubs are born.

"And I need to figure out where I'm going to have the cubs." Mamela says. Her eyes close as she still works on catching her breath. "Soon." Her eyes open again, and she looks between the two. "I've tended to my needs well enough." If you can say that when you're as skinny as her. "Just, the cubs' needs matter more."

Ghedi smiles. "Yes, a family reunion in the place I've been trying to get us together in since I got back. Why dont we all get comfortible and rest while we talk. Ryn, I think the time has come for me to pass the mantle on to you. There is much we need to discuss."

Ryngia was relieved that his mother at least played along with him. Could of turned out a whole lot worse. Twiking an ear to the mention of a reunion, he blinks but his focus is grabed by his sister when she mentions about needing to find a den. There were several places she could use, but he'd thought it well she use the one she's always used. Completely up to her of course. Her remark on how she takes care of herself is evident enough that his words are true. More than happy to settle and get comfortable, Ryn lets his sister personal strain fade for now by moving to the side a few steps and settling to his haunches. Getting comfortable now, his brows raise to his father. He couldn't agree more, but did he just say what he thought he did… "Where you would like to begin, dad?"

Jelani wasn't going to push Mamela into doing something she didn't think overly necessary, she was just more concerned about the overall health of both her and the cubs. Letting things be for the time being, since rest was really what everyone wanted, thats exactly what she lets everyone have. Shifting her gaze to mate and son now, she is surprised to hear Ghedi speak of resigning. She would of liked him to remain as king longer but she knew he was no longer capable of providing for the pride like he use to. Listening
she await the events to happen.

Mamela blinks at what her father says. Whiskers twitching, Mamela looks maybe a little upset, but whatever she is going to say is cut short by a sharp intake of breath. Ears pulling back, Mamela slowly gets to her feet, if with some difficulty. "I should go." she says softly.

Ghedi sits and makes himself comfortible. "First of all son, is this what you want? Are you aware of all the demands this position will place on you? I'm sure you have been giving it a lot of thought, but I just want to be sure that you are doing this because you want to and not because you feel pressured to do it."

Wait, where was she going.. His sisters attempt to leave draws Ryngia's attention from his father, frowning having wanted her to witness this. He couldn't exactly stop her however even as much as it wanted to. It was clearly obvious that he felt sorry for his sister but he'd have to learn the reason for her departer when the time was right. Drawing his attention back to his father in a moments time he takes a breath. "Since I was a cub following after you was all I wanted. And though I had no idea what I would be getting myself into I still strove to follow." This said he exhales looking around the hilltop. "When you disappeared I could of just disappeared along with you but I didn't. I chose to lead in your stead not because it was expected or no one else would. I did it because I wanted too." A speech wasn't needed but Ryn wanted to express how he felt and that he was clearly ready. "I'm not worried how i'll do, cause i know you'll be there to help. Or atleast I hope you will be."

Jelani sat quietly waiting for what her son would say. She had full confidence that he was ready to uptake the responsiblities of being a leader. He has done so much already to rebuild the pride. A smile appears on her maw when Ryn declares his dedication to the pride, the title, its duties. Then a nod as she looks to Ghedi whos opinion mattered most here.

Mamela sees Ryngia look at her, and she looks guilty herself. She pauses, her tail giving a lash. "I'm sorry, Ryngi. But…it seems tonight isn't just your time to make yourself known." She hopes that will get the point across as to why she's leaving. "I'll be in the caves." And slowly, uncomfortably, she starts to move off.

Ghedi turns to Mamela. "Are you ok hon? Do you need help?" He glances from one face to another… "We can finish this talk another time if we need to…"

That was indeed all he needed to know to let his sister depart. He felt almost guilty letting her go alone and honestly would have his mother accompany her, but his thought trails off at his fathers words. Finish another time.. sure new life was important but this is long await. This would be a moment to pout but Ryn keeps himself and is willing to put things on hold if need be.

Jelani had a feeling something like this would happen, always does during times like this. Standing she moves to Mamale'a side and offers assistance. She's go with her if they wanted to continue.

"Sorry for the timing." Mamela says apologetically. She looks to her dad. "I'll be okay…I've done this before, right?" she smiles. She does lean against Jelani's side, glad for a bit of a prop. "You don't have to come." she says, licking the lioness's shoulder.

Ghedi gives Mamela a nuzzle. "Be well then my daughter. I will check in on you in a while to make sure you are ok and to see if you need anything."

"Its alright, things happen." Ryn wasn't disappointed anymore than he was shocked. He was going to have new neices and nephews, what wasn't there to be happy about. "Go with mom, we'll be there soon." This he could promise and who knows maybe he'll drag that kill that Jelani caught in with them.

Jelani smiles, "Its not a matter of having to Mamela. I want to." Mame needs to the help and she's here to provide it. "Now lets go before you have them right here." He smirks.

Mamela purrs, nuzzling her father. "We'll all be fine." she promises. She gives her brother a smile. "You'd better, your Majesty." she teases, and noses Jelani with a chuckle. "I think you're right. Let's go."

Ghedi smiles and shakes his head. "Timing seems to be a fickle thing here… We can continue our chat son, but we will wait until we can assemble the family for me to retire. It is a big day for you, and for me, and not something to do in private."

Ryngia smirks. Being called that was the oddest thing ever but he might as well get use to it. Looking to his father he frowns. How'd he not know he'd say something like that. Nothing he could do about it though, but sit there and continue to wait; he hasn't made it this far to just quit.

Jelani chuckles. "After you." Her first steps to the caves are taken when Mamela's do.

"Dad, you don't have to wait. Talking to Ryngia will keep your mind off me, right?" Mamela smiles, and then grimaces at something, her ears twitching back. Another sharp intake of breath, and she nods to Jelani, heading back downhill.

[Ghedi] "I have absolutely no worries about what kind of leader you will be son. I'm certain that you will have the best interests of the pride at heart. You have already shown me that you do. As soon as I am sure that Mamela is ok, I will send out a call to the family and have them assemble here."

It seemed like Mamala had his back but Ryn had a feeling that it wouldn't make much difference. It was a pridal even that required more than just one of its members. But with cubs on their way, it would be pushed back further. Might as well go find something to do in the mean time. "I thank you dad. I will wait for however long it is require of me to do so." At the mention of Mamela once more he cant help but have a bad feeling about things as he watches her make down the hill.

[Ghedi] "Ryn, as far as I am concerned, you are already leader of this pride. You are waiting only for the party. You have been leading for some time already, and everyone knows it. So let us plan something special for you will only become king once, and I will only retire once."

Ryngia was more than willing to accept those words if he didn't feel like there was something holding them back. Was he really king even though it hasn't been announced or even accepted by the part of the pride that knew him most. Holding back a sigh he looks to his father and nods. "Ok. Dont take to long now." He says with half a smirk. Now that all he had to do was wait his mind shifted back to the happenings in the caves. Hopefully everything was going alright.

Ghedi grins and gives his son a playful bat with his paw. "You know what it's like herding cats. It wont be long though, really. I'm going to head to the caves now and make sure mamela got there ok, and that she has everything she needs. I'll be back as soon as I am satisfied that she is ok."

Ryngia's eyes go wide when batted. Herding cats sounded impossible but he had faith in his fathers ability to gather them. "I'll be right here waiting to hear how she's doing." He hoped for the best.

Ghedi gives his son a smiles, then heads off toward the caves…

Ryngia - m. lion
Kweu - f. lioness
Mamela - f. cheetah
Dumisai - m. leopard

Uzima Falls

Mamela is looking a bit sluggish as she walks from the river. Her feet are dragging, and her tail drags in the dust behind her. She seems to be heading for a drink, but she pauses as she sees others awake, and she smiles. "Hey there."

Kweu glances downward while she smiles and says, "Yes really… Like I told you before I had always thought I would join a pride again. But I knew I was always destined to be an outsider, not one born to known blood, a pride where I would have no aunts or cousins." She shakes her head a little and looks up to Ryngia again. "But it does not feel like that here." She turns as she hears someone else arrive and she watches the cheetah, noticing what seems to be fatigue. "Hello," she answers.

Ryngia smiles in disbelief. How could anyone such has herself think she'd never have a life within a pride. Sure its hard for some to move on from just being your averge everyday memeber but ones got to have faith. "That wont ever happen to you here, not anymore." Following Kweu's gaze when she turns to the arriving cheetah he blinks. "Mamela…" He watches her briefly. "You look terrible." Course thats probably not something one wants to hear when its blatant.

Mamela blinks, then chuckles. "Yeah, I'm not surprised. I'm exhausted." she says, and she flops down without ever reaching the water's edge, turning to chew at her bellyfur a little. "But I'm okay. How're you both?"

Kweu glances to Ryngia as he addresses the cheetah by name and then states the obvious about her condition. Her whiskers twitch as she settles her eyes back upon Mamela, curious to hear her response… but when it comes it is not exactly an enlightening one. "I am well," she says before she tilts her head. "Have you been hunting?" She certainly knows what it is like to be drained after a hunt that has gone totally wrong.

Dumisai had been spending most of his time up by the bottom of the valley, but seeing as no one has really bothered him lately he figured he would go out and about a bit. He'd had a really positive chat with Elimn the other day and it gave him a bit of hope for this place. There actually might be a decent reason to stay here beyond just having to watch our for those who have no idea what they are getting into. He'd also had a rather plesant chat with Jelani not too long ago. At any rate he is now wandering along the edge of the jungle. He knows there are some folks nearby all of whom he has met at least briefly. Though the cheetah is new. He hasn't seen a cheetah since the days of Kenket and Melantha. Its kind of nice to see one again. He says nothing for the time being but rather listens to get a feel for what is going on.

Ryngia expected nothing less from the cheetah, watching her flop to the ground. It really looks like she is over doing herself, even though he's seen her take the time to norish herself and even rest. He of course says nothing of is knowing she probably wont listen to him anyway. "I'm doing great." He says with a smile. "She's been taking food to our father. So I imagine thats what been wareing her."

"Oh, no…I haven't hunted." Mamela smiles. "Just tired." As Ryngia explains, her brows go up a little, but then she nods. "Oh. Yes. That must be what's making me tired." She says this maybe a little hurriedly, and she turns to start grooming herself.

Kweu slowly starts to nod as Ryngia ventures his guess as to what's caused Mamela's fatigue… yet she did not survive so long in this world by missing subtle cues. A huntress through and through, she has been trained to notice everything and so her sharp eyes and ears detect the overeagerness with which the cheetah agrees that food-fetching is the culprit. But she has just met Mamela and she is too polite to voice her observations… so she only gives the cheetah something of a knowing look before she lies down nearby Ryngia. As she lies down she notices Dumisai and a nod is offered to the leopard that she recognizes from a few earlier encounters.

Dumisai isn't really all that interested in having a chat with Ryngia, still he had a halfway decent interaction with the lioness and the cheetah is a source of curiosity for him. He decides to venture a bit closer to the group. He returns the nod of the lioness and greets the gathered group, "Hello." Before he turns his attention toward the cheetah, who appears to be having some sort of difficulty, "Do you happen to be related or know Melantha or Kenket?" Well it can't hurt to ask. He would love to find his old friends again.

Though he had said that hunting was wareing her out, he couldn't help but think there was something else. Her hurried words draw several suspicions but being a male it wasn't really his place to speak of it first. He does say though, "Just watch yourself, Mamela. I'd hate to see anything happen to you or anyone else." His last words a tad hinted. When attention is drawn to Dumisai, Ryngia too turns his. He wasn't to fond of the leopard but wasn't going to show aggression toward him either.

Mamela's ears twitch. "It's really fine. By the time dad recovers a little more, I should be feeling more normal." she says, and she looks to Dumisai, shaking her head. "I don't know those names, I'm sorry. I'm an orphan, though…so if I have blood relatives beyond my cubs, I don't know them."

Kweu stretches herself out comfortably, her eyes moving between Mamela and Dumisai although they have steadily been growing more and more heavy. Now they are irresistable and with a yawn she looks up to Ryngia. "I think it is time I got some rest," she murmurs to him before bumping the side of her muzzle to his foreleg. Her forepaws curl in toward her chest and she lowers her head down onto them.

Dumisai doesn't like the lion much either, though he doesn't have any reason yet to really despise him. Stil, by and large, he is a rather peaceful fellow and isn't in the business of going about attacking someone he doesn't like. He would only attack someone with really good reason. Besides he isn't as big as the lion and isn't as strong as he is. It would be foolish. Besides some of his concerns have been allayed in talking to Elimn. So he doesn't have as much reason to be as irritable, "Ahh well…it was worth a shot." You never know who knows who until you ask. He glances over to Kweu as she begins to fall asleep, "Good night."

Ryngia hmms and nods. He'll take her word for now, but decides to keep a close eye on the cheetah for a while till things are confirmed. Tail twitching, the lion shakes his mane causing his bangs to fall over his eyes slightly. Looking to Kweu when she bumps him on the foreleg he smiles and nods. "Alright hon, rest well." Dipping his head, he nuzzles her. Drawing his attention back to the leopard as he lifts his hed back up he oddly enough asks, "How are things with you, Dumisai?" He asks it in kind gesture.

Mamela gets to her paws again with a soft grunt, and makes her way to finally get her drink. She flops back down in front of the water, which sends her front paws in. She doesn't seem to mind, as she occupies herself with drinking as much as she can.

Dumisai is rather surprised at the kind greeting of the lion, but if the lion is willing to be kind to him he will return the gesture, "I'm doing ok." he responds. For Dumi that is almost like saying your are 'amazingly great'. Its the first time really in a long time where he has been ok. Granted he isn't great, but at the very least he isn't miserable. He has a halfway decent place to stay and a few friends. At this point in his life that is about all the 'good' the leopard can handle. Who knows perhaps in the future he will be ready for things to be even better than they are right now, "You?" he asks. There does seem to be something rather off about the cheetah, but he doesn't even know her name so he isn't going to go off asking too many questions.

Watching his sister move closer to the pool, Ryn cant help but smile. It was good to see her even with her current condition. When hearing Dumisai's reponse, he looks back to him with a nod. 'Ok' was a decent enough answer and it came to him in a rather polite manner. "I'm quiet well, thank you." Todays been one of the best days he's had in a long time. Dropping to his belly, beside Kweu, a few of his joint pop under his weight. "Oh Mamela.." He calls out looking to the cheetah. "Did you by chance see dad out in the valley earlier?"

Mamela nods. "Yeah…with his mom." she says, her ears twitching as she lifts her head from the water. "Him and grandpa and the others went to sleep by the tree. I did too, but then I got thirsty." So she gets back to drinking.

Dumisai can gather a couple of things from the scene in front of him. One…the lion loves Kweu. Or at the very least really likes her. That isn't a bad thing, provided he doesn't mess it up, "Glad to hear it. Kweu is a good lioness." he points out. There is nothing wrong with stating the obvious. The second is that he thinks he has the cheetah's sitaution figured out and might as well say it, "So when are your cubs due?" he asks. Dumi is a pretty observant fellow and he watched his own mate closely when she was pregnant and Mamela is acting in a similar fashion. The fatigue, the lounging around…classic signs.

[Ryngia] With his mom.. and here he thought it was just Tahzhoo trying to draw attention to himself. "Azizi is here, I bet dad was…" he pauses figuring he wouldn't even remember his mother. He then head shakes. Sure would explain why he never came back. A quiet sigh escapes his lips before looking to the leopard with a nod in thanks then to his sister. Way to be blunt about it. Curious of the matter he goes quiet while getting comfortable.

Mamela's ears go back. "I don't have a mate around anymore, so I can't have cubs." But she is defensive, and she curls up just a little, tail twitching. "Anyway…with how skinny I am, there's not much for cubs to live off of." Looking uncomfortable, she just turns her head to drink more.

[Dumisai] Usually cubs are something to be happy about, but it sounds like there is a bit of trouble here. He briefly ponders just letting the matter go. After all its not really his business but when she mentions how thin she is he sorta feels like he has to go on a bit, "Look I don't know you at all, and I'm certainly not going to judge you. You have family here though and I'm sure they love you no matter what. If you are pregnant I don't think they would judge you either, and would want to help you get into shape to carry your pregnancy though in a way thats healthy." he glances over to Ryngia, "Right?" he asks.

Cheetah were much like lions when it comes to breeding. They dont need their life mate in order to acquire cubs, they can go with pretty much anyone. With this in mind, Ryngia had a feeling that Mamela is lieing, not to mention her defensive behavior on the topic. Further listening he finds himself nodding in agreement with Dumisai. "Thats right."

Mamela doesn't need her mate to breed…but after spending months searching for Talo, it's a little too much to admit she has done anything. Still, she nods. "I know they will…I'm a lucky cheetah, to have a lion pride for a family." she says, and she goes back to grooming herself.

Dumisai is going to take that comment as a big yes that she is pregnant. Ok. He just agreed with the lion about something…scary thought. Still thats not really the point of the conversation at the present moment. Being lucky living with a lion pride isn't really the first thing that came to mind but he wasn't going to argue with her at the moment, "Right. So let them take care of you for a bit…you can have these cubs and stay healthy, and work the rest out from there." He really hopes that this gals mate doesn't come back to find her like this. That would probably kill him, "I'm guessing you'll want to have the lionesses bring some food for her?" he asks Ryngia.

Ryngia wasn't one to go against ones wishes. He'd bring food himself if it helped any; no use having the lioness do something he was very capable of doing himself. "If Mamela wants assistance then yes." He says stretching out over the ground, digging his claws into the dirt a bit as he drags them back toward him. His sister has had several litters so he knows she's capable of doing this herself.

"But…I still will help with dad. Maybe I can't do everything, but I can hunt. I have been." Mamela gets back to her paws and she heads over by her brother to lie down.

Mamela may have done this pleanty of times but probably not without her mate there to help her through it. Dumi nods slowly in response to her comment, "If you need my help at all I'm around. I mostly stay the tree by the bottom of the valley. Just give a hollar if you need anything." The leopard does like to be helpful and besides being pregnant is hard, at least according to Shalika.

[Ryngia] Getting his sister to attend to herself first before their father was like trying to get his mother to not speak her mind. It wasn't going to happen by itself. "We're all appreciative of the meals you've brought to dad, just dont over due yourself, especially later down the road. If you need help I can ask mom if she'd like to help." They'd all get something besides a gazelle if that happened. Watching Mamela move over to him, he offers a nuzzle when she's close.

Mamela nods. "Thanks." She gives Dumisai a smile, and she settles next to Ryngia, returning the nuzzle. "I'll be careful." she says, leaning onto Ryn with a soft sigh.

[Dumisai] My work here is done. The leopard thinks to himself. That was a fairly positive interaction all the way around. Perhaps he and Ryngia will be able to get along as Elimn had said…and perhaps not. Who knows? At least the cheetah was able to tell her brother about the pregnancy and that is a good start. Hopefully she can get herself in the right state of health to carry the pregnancy to term and have healthy cubs, "I'm going to head back to the tree now. I'm sure I'll see you all around. Have a nice evening." he says before he heads off in the direction of the valley.

Ryngia smiles and nods. Nothing more is said as he lays her head down upon his paws. Things where going to be interesting from now on.. his sister having new cubs, him and Kweu, their father recovering.. just so many things to keep them all busy.

Mamela nods. "Bye." she says, and her jaws part wide in a yawn. "You don't mind if I use your mane as a pillow, right?" she grins to her brother.

Ryngia chuckles, "Not at all." He might as well get use to the fact that he'll likely be used as a pillow from now on. "What else is it going to be used for." he smirks. "Gets some rest, your going to need it."

Mamela grins. "I can groom it tomorrow. Night, bro." she purrs, closing her eyes with a yawn before she drifts off.

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Ghedi - m. Lion (king)
Ryngia - m. Lion (heir)
Kweu - f. Lioness

Uzima Falls

Having spent several days in the cave being nursed back to health, Ghedi was feeling bored enough to get to his paws and wander down the edge of the river to the falls. The area feels somewhat familier. He is certain he has been here before, but can not remember when… As the falls come into view, he stops and stares at the cascading water…

Ryngia lays at the edge of the pool, a paw draped into its waters and tail bouncing idly behind him. Its been a pretty lazy day for the lion so far and is actually enjoying some alone time, however he wouldn't turn away any company should it happen to wonder over.

[Ghedi] And wander over he does… "Wow… This place feels so welcoming and familier. It's like I spent ages here… Ryngia? I take it this was oe of the places I hung out at a lot?"

Ryngia's ears flick to the sound of his fathers voice. Picking his heas up from his paws, she turns tothe lion. First he is shocked to see him here but is actually glad he has come. "Dad, what are you…" Glancing to the falls he shrugs. "You use to.' he says. "But then something happened and not many come here anymore." He wasn't even born when tragedy struck the falls.

Ghedi ponders this for a moment… "I can't imagine anything that would keep the pride away from this beautiful place." He lowers himself to the grass and stretches… "This is so much nicer than that cave."

[Ryngia] "Someone was killed here." He mentions rolling himself around to face the lion, looking to the slight rise of the ground in the distance.

Ghedi shrugs… "I doubt there are many places anywhere where someone hasn't been killed. We all die after all. Who was this person that they should have such a profound effect on the pride?"

Ryngia was quiet for a few moments as he turns to his father. "A lion named Jinko. My brother, or least thats what mom had told me." He doesn't know much about who the lion really was, or why he was killed.

Ghedi raises an eyebrow… "Your brother? Well…that would make him…my son. Perhaps it is best that I not remember some things… Do you spend much time here?"

Not at first, but Ryn doesn't go into that. Head shaking he says, "I dont. To many meerkat." He looks around, "Or there was." He didn't see as many these days which probably meant they had left with Sumi. "I use to spend most my time at the hill with mom but I'm usually in the valley now."

Ghedi nods… "The hill should be my next stop. You mother wants to take me there. She told me that is the place we met. I suppose it is the place where your life began…"

Ryngia smiles. "I was born in a clearing in the forest not to far from there." In a way however, yes, his life did begin on the hill. "Its a nice place."

Ghedi nods… "You look young son. How old are you now? I don't even know how old I am myself, but right now I imagine i look much older than I am… At least I hope so. My reflection in the pool in the cave was rather shocking."

Ryngia smirks. He wasn't real old at all, "Just about four years." Looking at his father he hrms. "I wouldn't call you old. Past your prime, but not old." A gentle smile appears on his lips. "You've been through a lot. Being pride leader can age you if your not careful." Chuckling, Ryn pushes himself up from the ground, shaking out his mane. "You've plenty of years left in you."

* Tahzhoo's roar echoes all across the valley, sounding like announcing his presence and hoping for a reply. *

Ghedi smiles. "Well, I hope they are good years. Four yeas old… And all that time lost to me… I do hope I remember more son." He raises his head at the sound of a roar… "Perhaps we should see what that's all about? It sounded like my father, but I imagine you would know better than I right now…"

* Azizi's roar echoes all across the valley. *

"I'm sure they'll be great years." So long as no harsh times come to the valley things will be fine; Ryngia do what he can to make sure that happens. "It'll all come back to you, dad. Just give it time and before you know it everything here will be old news." Pricking his ears to the roar as well he looks out past the area of the falls. "He's probably just re-entering the valley. He's a habit about leaving without telling anyone and then coming back and expecting a grand welcome." Ryn had no intention of going to the border just to see him.

Ghedi gets to his paws. "It's not a bad policy to announce yourself. I feel that I really should go meet him." When a second roar meets his ears he turns toward the valley. "I will be back in a while son. We still have much to discuss."

Ryngia hmms and sorely disagrees with his father. The roar policy was for none pride members; it puzzles him as to why Tahzhoo used it to announce himself. "If that is how you really feel. I dont encourage you going alone though, not that far out at least."

Ghedi nods… "I'll not go far son. Just to the valley. I don't feel up to climbing up to the ridge." He turns and heads toward the bottom of the valley…

And there he was, standing there at the falls, alone, watching his father depart through the vines and toward the valley where his false father awaited him with whoever else might be out there. Ryn was never to keen on the elder lions antics nor what power he thought he held over the pride and those he helped raised. When Ghedi is no longer seen, Ryn turns to the pool and plops back down where he was first seen. He's a feeling this may be a long wait.

In the meantime…

Kweu, in the meantime, had been off on her own ventures. With no idea what sort of interactions had just taken place, the lioness slips through the curtain of heavy vines and steps into the clearing around the pool, her tail swaying easily from side to side behind her as she goes.

Ryngia laid flat on his side as if his father had never shown- waiting. He was positive that whatever purpose the roar posed wasn't important; least to him anyway. It had been forever since he'd seen his father and even now he runs off to check on things around the pride. No wonder Ryn has grown up solitary and uninformed about certain things.

Kweu heard no roar, being deeper in the jungle where the sound managed to be muffled by the layers of leaves and undergrowth. So as she spots Ryngia and his rather downtrodden expression, her own face folds into a frown of concern. "Ryngia?" She calls his name tenatively as she begins to walk slowly in his direction, her head lowering down while her ears cup forward as she comes closer to him.

Ryngia raises a brow, cupping his ears back to a voice thats always brought a smile to his lips. "Hello Kweu." Now would be a good time to forget his fathers departure and embrace the company of someone he's admired for years but he cant help but have it linger. Lifting his head and turning it to the lioness, he welcomes her over.

Kweu comes to his side and bumps the pad of her nose against his shoulder. "Are you alright?" she asks him. Her eyes search his face for some kind of clue as to what might be bothering him, but seeing as she arrived after the source of his trouble departed… she is unable to venture any kind of educated guess.

Ryngia takes the bump to his shoulder as if it were the best thing on earth, a simple smile to his face and a nuzzle. "Nothing I cant handle, hon." He didn't want to bother her with family ordeals, even if he thought of her as family. "How are you?"

Kweu sits down beside him and simply flicks an ear at his question. "I'm doing just fine," she says. But it is with an air of finality as it would seem she is not willing to let him change the subject so quickly and turn the talk to herself. "And while I don't doubt that you're capable of handling whatever it is that's bothering you… I do think it would be wise to talk about it. Hmm?" She lifts her chin up a little and the hint of a grin appears.

Ryngia should know better than to try to change subjects with a female but this one was just something he didn't want to talk about. Looking up at her he sighs, the tone in her voice one to make him cringe. Leaning again her form he says, "Have you ever wanted to spend more time with someone but just never get the chance?"

Kweu presses some of her own weight back against the lion to support him where she sits. "Of course," she says to his question while she nods. "I would have loved to spend a bit more time with my family… my mother and aunts and father… before I left." She bumps her muzzle to one of Ryngia's ears. "This is about your own father isn't it? Has he gotten worse?" It is the only logical explanation she can draw based on the information she currently knows.

So her life is pretty much like his, wanting to spend time with family but time was never there. Time was subjective here in the pride, but with his father being the way he is, Ryn thought there would be time to share but it seem he was wrong. "Its not that." He tells her. "Its more like just trying to spend time with him. But everytime I try something or someone pulls him away. I'm starting to feel like I should just give up, focus my time on someone else." He looks at the lioness beside him with a very hopeful expression in his eyes.

Kweu sighs quietly at first and says, "That is the life of a king I guess… Although I suppose I was lucky in the pride I was born into. We did not have one king but instead had several. So there was not one lion with all the burdens of responsibility on his shoulders alone. However my pride, like I said, was very large… so I am sure that played a part in itself." She looks down to Ryngia and her ears prick at both the gleam in his eyes and at his latter words. "You are your own lion and it is your right to choose to spend your time with whomever you wish."

Ryngia listens to Kweu intently, pressing his head against her side. "Then I wish to spend it with you." If his father spared little time to spend with his son then it was her whom he wanted to spend time with. Just as unexpected as his words he reaches up and nuzzles the lioness with an affectionate tone.

Kweu is too occupied with her surprise at his open admission to be at all ready for his affectionate nuzzle. As such she is at first quite still but once her mind and emotions have had the chance to catch up to the moment, a low purring sounds from the lioness and she nestles her face beneath Ryngia's chin. "I cannot say that I understand why you want to do such a thing," she admits with a blush coming into her ears. "You are a prince, the heir to a throne. And I am a vagabond."

The response he got, though surprised, was the one he wanted. It showed him that her feelings weren't empty toward him. Listening to her purr the lion smiles taking in her scent. "Vagabond or not, it's not how I see you." Ryngia tells her. "Your beautiful and careing but more than that, your someone, in my eyes, who deserves a chance to be known, to be cared for and respected." He wanted to do what no one had done for him. Pushing himself up to a more formal position, Ryn looks at Kweu hopeing she'd accept him not for his title but for who he was underneith it all. "Kweu, if you'll have me, I'd be honored if you'd be by my side."

Kweu pushes her nose into the mane which lies across the lion's neck, her still-reddened ears now angled toward the sound of his voice. The blush only deepens as she listens to him so that when he rises, it is managing to show even across her cheeks despite her fur. She takes note of his formality and realizes that she will have to bumble her way through this with little to no instruction… Her pride sisters had teased her a little and given her some brief pointers on this sort of subject before she left, but that is all she has to go on. It will have to do. Meeting his eyes unflinchingly despite her blushing she answers, "It would be my honor to stand at your side, Ryngia. Here… or anywhere else."

If Ryngia was paying that close attention to her coloring, the lioness' blushing would send him into a bit of embarrassment for asking such a thing as becoming mates. Since he's gaze was on her eyes he doesn't even notice. He had no idea where to go now that the question has been asked; perhaps it was all based on instinct and feeling. Whatever the case he'd just go with what happened. Hearing her answer Ryn is overjoyed giving another nuzzle that lasts longer than the norm.

Kweu laughs aloud and closes her eyes as she again nuzzles into the mane beneath the lion's chin, pressing herself comfortably against his chest and breathing in his strong scent. "I must admit that a large part of me never thought that this would happen," she says with a muffled voice. "But now that it has… I'm so happy I think my heart might burst." She laughs again and that sound too is quieted by Ryngia's mane.

Ryngia pulls back a bit with a raised brow and smile. "Really?" Chuckling under his breath brushing his head over hers. "I'm happy aswell." For the first time in a long one he was truely happy and this time he had someone to share it with.

Time Worth Spending With by InsanekittyInsanekitty, 23 Jan 2012 05:24

Tahzhoo - m. Elder Lion
Ryngia - m. Lion (heir)
Mashal - m. Adol. Lion

South Ridge - Uzima

When the old lion emerges out of the thicket again it is much later, with the sun about to rise. He looks quite disheveled from all the pushing through thick brushwood covering the slopes. And he carries something in his mouth that looks like pieces of plants, some sort of short, delicated twigs with green leaves. He looks around glad to see the group has moved. Hopefully they made it to the caves.

It took most of the night to assist Ryngia's father to the caves, an endevour thats worn him out. Upon their arrival Ghedi had fallen asleep, a gentle smile givin to the lion with hopes of a quick recovery. Waiting long enough to ensure his father was indeed asleep, Ryn departs the cave leaving his mother to watch over as he heads back to the ridge to meet up wit his grandfather before he gets to far.

Mashal is not presently aware of the return of Ghedi. He had been over closer to the bottom of the valley. He'd had a good conversation with Shinda. It was nice when someone has some faith that things will turn out for the best. The lioness was certainly an interesting gal to talk to and she had given him some lunch so she had made a favorable impression. Thus far there really hasn't been anyone here that has made poor impression. Everyone has seemed to be rather nice, even if he doesn't always understand why they are being so nice. At the present time he is wandering over closer toward the waterfall area and the caves. Not for any particular reason, mostly cause he likes to wander when he has a free moment, which is most of the time.

[Tahzhoo] He gives his body a short shake, now that he's in the open again. It shakes off some of the little pieces of plants entangled in the fur but not much. Glancing over to the sun rising over the horizon and sending first beams of sunlight into the valley he frowns about how time has past. This took longer than intended and the darkness surely wasn't helpful when it comes to finding what he was looking for. He turns to head down the ridge towards the valley, moving slowly for his body is all crying for some rest after this long travel and all this entanglement right afterwards.

Ryngia travels slow trying to save what energy he had left. Looking all around, a yawn escapes the lion then a shake of his head. Spotting Mashal in the distance was a task, but what other adolescent could be found in these parts. Calling out to him with a "Hello!" He looks to the ridge hoping to see Tahzhoo there but the distance is to great and the rising sun creates a haze over the horizon.

[Mashal] Its true there are no other adolescents around. He has certainly looked and about the closest that he has found to his own age was Shinda, who certainly seems to be on the young side, but still not as young as he is. When he hears the voice he lifts his head. That sounds like Ryngia. He hadn't really talked to the lion since he had come back from pridelands a few days ago. He spots him quickly enough, "Hi." he calls out to him. He hasn't really spotted Tahzhoo yet.

Edge of the Valley

Having reached the bottom of the ridge Taz slows down, believing to hear some distant voices greeting each other. He changes direction towards them to check this out, hoping to meet someone of the former group to tell him what happened or some other pride member. Walking in the open and clearly visible he spots two figures, apparently male lions, one older, one younger.

Ryngia was glad that the adolescent heard him, he didn't want to have to chase him down. Offering a polite nod, Ryn inhales before just stopping. "I haven't seen you in a while." He states of the younger lion. "Whats been going on?" Anyone would be curious if they saw someone they didn't know which breings him to look toward the ridge once more where this time he spots Tahzhoo in the distance.

Mashal hasn't really been up to all that much that has been interesting, "I talked to Shinda. She brought some food and shared it with me. It was nice. She's pretty cool." At least that was the short version of the conversation anyway. It was nice to talk to someone who was a bit closer to his age. She seemed to be grown up, but not too grown up to joke around a bit, "What's been going on with you?" he asks. After he asks his question he glances over his shoulder and spots Tahz. He hasn't seen him around here in ages, "Hi Tahzoo." he calls.

[Tahzhoo] Recognition sets in as he pads closer, and he understands that he'll learn about what he missed in a few moments. He nods his head in a silent greeting when closing in and sitting down, lowering his head to the ground for a moment to drop the plants and be finally able to speak again. "Hello, Mashal. I haven't seen you in a long time and I hope you found what you've been looking for, here in the valley, in the meantime." He turns to the older lion, looking concerned and so eager to learn something that will disperse his worry that he skips the additional vocal greeting. "Did Ghedi make it to the cave? How is he?"

Ryngia blinks with a raised brow. He talked to Shinda, when.. looking right at the lion now he ponders. Hearing his short tail he nods. "Shinda is nice. I'm certianly glad to have her here. Its good she's getting along with everyone too." He wasn't even sure who all she's met either. As Tahz moves in his ears flick back just as his gaze shifts to the elder. He doesn't recall the two ever meeting but apparently they have. Anyhow, the shift to Ghedi brings the lion to a more serious state. "My father is fine, he made it to the cave not long ago. Resting with my mother." He says. "Its been a long time since they've been together, thought I'd give them some space. Maybe being with her will help him remember some." He frowns. Noticing the plants he brought with him he asks, "What are those?"

Mashal couldn't agree more, though honestly anyone that feeds him is probably going to be considered to be nice. He is something of a mooch after all and the folks around here have been very generous in feeding him. He doens't really add anything to his story because…well…there isn't really all that much to tell. He sits himself down and listens as Ryn tells his story. He knows Jelani, she was someone else who was really nice to him, "I'm good." he says to Tahz briefly. He hadn't met Ryn's father, but is pleased to here he is doing well. Though it would seem there is something that has happened. He'll ask about it later. He doesn't want to interrupt the pair of them. He settles himself into more of a relaxed position to just listen. He might even fall asleep. Who knows?

[Tahzhoo] "That's good." The lion nods slowly with audible relief when hearing about Ghedi and Jelani. "I hope it will, though I'm afraid it will take more than that if his lack of memories isn't caused by his poor physical state." He glances down at the plants when Ryngia aska about them. "Dream herbs. I hope they will help Ghedi to remember some more." He looks back to Mashal when he replies, nodding his head shortly but also giving him a mysterious look that's hard to interpret. Something between a wondering and the need for a later talk. Looking back at Ryngia he wonders, "Did he eat and drink by now?"

Looking between the two lions Ryn runs over a few thoughts before looking to his grandfather. "Its a start. No use crowding him with unfamiliar faces." He cared for his father as much as anyone else if not more. Glancing back to the plants he blinks. "Dream herbs… hmm." Noticing the look given to Mashal Ryn raisse a brow but say nothing. The lion is here under his watch if something needs to be said of him, he was very capable of answering such. Till asked he turns his attention back to the matter of his father. "Yes." He says with a nod.

[Tahzhoo]: Good, another step in the right direction. Comforted by the thought he's been at a safe place now, did eat and drink and has good company and rest it is time to resume some of the questions postponed earlier. "Do you have any idea what happened to him? I was in Life Valley for some time and found him on the ridge when I returned, like that…"

Ryngia head shakes. "I'm just as you are." He tells the older lion. "Last I saw of him was at the falls, thought he was still there." Apparently with all the time he spent trying to revive the place, he must of lost track. "I find it odd that something like this would happen to him. Dad's always been so careful." He then recalls something. "The scar on his head.. its possible he was out hunting or something and got hit. Would explain why he cant remember any anything."

[Tahzhoo] "I don't understand it either.." the elder shakes his head slowly and sighs. "A hunting accident would be possible, he's been through some already. Though why was he found at the ridge when he hunted in the valley - what he surely did - and why is it already halfways healed? Did you notice what how skinny he looks? If he hasn't been like that at falls already quite some time must have passed with him in bad condition."

Ryngia was just throwing out options, he had no idea what happened to his father or even where he was when it all started. "He could of been outside the valley too. Not sure why, but i'm sure there was a reason." This was all something they'd have to ask when capable of getting an answer.

[Tahzhoo] "I suppose we'll have to wait until he remembers again." If he ever remembers again… The elder sighs again, fearing the uncertainty of never being able to learn how it could come that far. He glances at Mashal who seems to have fallen asleep. "Let's go to the caves, these plants don't stay fresh for long."

Ryngia nods awaiting the elder to meet him at the side. "Alright." He says with a nod, turning to face the caves.

Bottom of the Valley

Slowly crossing the bottom of the valley on their way to the hunting grounds Taz notices how exhausted he is. Looks like there will be a second lion instantly falling asleep once reaching the caves. "What else did I miss?" he wonders. Apparently a few things have changed since their last meeting.

Following along Ryngia scans over the area and a small smile crosses his face as she sees those who have decided to join him scattered through out the grass. When hearing his grandfather he looks up and over to him. Was he meaning other than his father… "A few more have joined us since you were last here." That included a dear friend of his, which makes him overly happy.

Hunting Grounds

[Tahzhoo] "That is good news," the elder nods while they arrive at the hunting grounds, glancing at Ryngia and offering him a smile. "May you tell me more about them, so I know a bit when I'll meet them?"

[Ryngia] What was there from him to tell when he hardly knew anything about them. A hum escapes the lions lips as his gaze leaves the sleepers and he enters the hunting grounds. "I dont know a lot about them, just that they wre rogues before coming here, each looking for something new in life. A place to rest their tired paws." It was only by chance that he caught them to stay. "Kweu is really the only on I know anything about. She was here when I was younger, but left for a time and came back."

[Tahzhoo] The lion's nod is slow and thoughtful. Many of the inhabitants of the valley, former and current, have been like that. "I hope they will find that here.." He thinks about the name given to him, trying to remember anything connected to her.. "Isn't that the young lioness you brought over here a few seasons ago? She's back?" He can't help but smile a bit. "For you?"

Ryngia hopes the same even though he knows many of them already have. The question perks his ears. A few seasons ago was probably a good estimate, but it felt like years. He had found her at the border one day as an adolescent; they spent their teen year together. "I.. I dont know if it was for me." One can hope though, right, "What matters is that she came back and this time as part of the pride."

[Tahzhoo] "So she's already a pride member?" He smiles hearing this good news. For some time he walks on quietly, then he adds. "You've a crush on her, right?" Then, all of the sudden, he stops - as he just realize he was talking to Rynga all the time they walked from the ridge towards the cave. And that means… "I forgot the plants!" Instantly he turns around and runs back to the ridge - well, as good as an old lion can run after all this exhaustion…

Keeping the pace, Ryngia glances at the nearby herds and then toward the caves. A curiosity stuck over him if his father was awake and how he was now that he's had proper time to rest and eat. However, when asked another questions he spudders. Was it really that obvious.. "I dont know if I'd call it that.. besides she knows how I feel." Or least he hopes she does. He then blinks, "Plants?" Watching the elder bolt off back the way he came, Ryn tilts his head before remembering. "Oh yea." He holds in the urge to laugh. "I'll meet you at the caves!" He shouts after Tahzhoo before continuing on.

Main Den

[Tahzhoo] When the lion enters the cave he's about to collapse, having run back to the ridge and onwards to the cave with the plants his mouth that keeps him from panting…

When the elder enters the cave, Ryn can be seen near his parents who seem to sleep soundly still. Looking up with as the caves light fades he moves over to the elder. "You could use a rest after that run i'm sure." A quick glance to the plants he carries.

[Tahzhoo] The elder lion's breath is heavy when he nods to Ryngia. He moves over to the entrance of the parental cave and slips into it for a moment, only to return a few moments later without the plants. "Yes, indeed.." he answers wearily, still panting. "But first of…" He walks over to Ghedi.

Moving back over to his parents, Ryn takes a seat watching Tahz. "What are you going to do?" Not that he didn't trust the old lion its just he's like to know whats going on before its actually done.

Taz tries to calm his breath as far as possible before quietly approaching Ghedi. He doesn't sit down, just standing next to his sleeping body, watching him for a long moment… Then he turns away, walking back to the entrance of the parental cave, this time without entering it. "I just wanted to check on him," he whispers a reply to Ryngia. "I need to know he's alright before I go to sleep. Just can't understand why they are sleeping here in the main cave when the parental cave is much better suited for that."

Ryngia watches closely a bit confused at first but is filled in when the elder backs away. "I'm sure he's fine. He's made it this far hasn't he." Loking to the parental den for a moment then back to his parents he shrugs. "He probably thought it far enough not wanting to strain either myself or Janja." He says, "I'm sure when he wakes he'll move further in." He couldn't be to sure of that.

[Tahzhoo] He wonder how Ghedi might have drunk with this cave being dry and the only source of water here being the pool in the parental cave, but he doesn't ask about it. Apparently everthing is fine. Flopping himself on the ground like only an adult male lion can he takes a deep breath, reliefed about that and the rest he finally gets. When he talks it is with lowered voice, in order to not disturb their sleep. "So, where did we get interrupted? Oh yes.. Does she feel the same?" he smiles a bit.

Water could of came from anywhere; Ghedi could of even went to the back cave after Ryn left and returned. Watching Tahz settle himself upon the ground Ryng takes a breath before starting to feel slightly uncomfortable. Why was he asking about this, thought this was suppose to be about his father. "I do not know." He answers anyway.

[Tahzhoo] "I'll suppose you'll find out soon.." he seems to close this subject with a smile. "My best wishes for you, Ryngia." He yawns and stretches out his fore paws. "Oh, one thing I've been wondering about: I haven't seen Elimnyama. I was expecting him at your side."

Ryngia sighs in relief. "Thank you." Shaking out his mane, he yawns some. "Elimn.. I'm sure my brother has reason for not being here." The black lion was a mysterious one. "He'll show soon enough I'm sure."

[Tahzhoo] To this the lion seems to shrug a bit, as far as one can shrug when lying on his side and about to fall asleep. He glances over to Janja, reassured in the thought they are all here and can finally rest. He yawns for another time, tired to no end, and still he says, "I really need some rest now, Ryngia. Though please wake me when Ghedi wakes up again.."

Ryngia nods in silence so as to let the elder rest and to not wake the others. Dropping down to a lay now, he watches over everyone.

A Case of Amnesia
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South Ridge - Uzima

Tahzhoo - m. Elder Lion
Janja - m. Lion
Mamela - f. Cheetah
Ghedi - m. Lion (king)
Jelani - f. Lioness (queen)
Ryngia - m. Lion (heir)


[Tahzhoo] With even the scents being familiar know the exhausted elder finds new strength after this day long, restless travel - enough to get him up the ridge marking the border to Uzima. Beside looking tired he's a bit dusty yet otherwise in good shape. His look is a thoughtful one as he reaches the top, finally stopping his paws from moving to have a look into the valley, and around…

[Janja] The valley being within sight gives the young lion renewed strength and bounds happily over to look down over the ridge. He hasn't realised how much that he had missed his home until being back again and lets out a loud but happy sounding roar to announce his return.

[Ghedi] Not far off of the path, a skeletally thin lion is curled in a ball. Were his chest not slowly rising and falling, you might think him dead. There is a recent scar on the side of his head, but the fur is already starting to grow over it. The only thing vaguely familier about him might be his scent…

[Tahzhoo] The sound of the roar makes the the elder glance back at Janja, not with a startled look but with a smile. Wouldn't he feel so tired and short of breath he would roar as well. So Janja's call will have to do to announce the presence, as - other than last time - no large group can be seen here. Looking ahead again and scanning the surrounding for any signs others - maybe Adwali has returned here by now - he lifts his head a bit more when spotting what seems to be a leonine body not far off the path..

Mamela has not been seen around the valley for a long time. She doesn't look like the chipper young thing she always was, but…she never did get over the fact she can't find her mate. She looks skinny as well, even for a cheetah, and her coat has dulled. Still, a familiar voice has her ears pricking, and her paws moving more swiftly towards the valley she so long called home. Tahzhoo and Janja are recognized once she's near enough, but…who's the dead one? She can't see the movements of breathing from where she stands.

[Janja] The young lion's euphoria at being back is dampened as no one responded to his roar. Frowning slightly, he glances over at his father and follows his gaze to a leonine figure not too far away from the path. For a moment, his mind freezes as his nose catches a whiff of a familiar scent before letting out a loud cry as he bounds over to check on the figure.

Ghedi's ear twitches a little when the sound of a roar reaches it, but there is no other reaction. He remains as still as death other than the slow breathing…

Unaware of the closeby presence of Mamela yet Taz's heart misses a beat when he steps closer, recognizing the form of a lion - and one really not in good shape… By the Great Kings of the Past, what has happened here in the meantime?! Again he's greated by a surprise though this time it looks even worse than the other time.. He glances around quickly for signs of others, finally gesturing Janja to stay back. If this is about a disease only one of them should get close… His heart missed two or three more beats when he's close enough to finally recognize who lies there, more by color and scent than shape. "Ghedi…?!?!" He rushes at his side, quickly checking his body over for injuries but other than an older scar doesn't spot any, nor blood. "Son??!" He touches him with a paw at the shoulder as if trying to wake him.

Mamela watches them carefully as she approaches, but it's the name that has her rushing forward. Disease be damned, she's going to see her father. Using every ounce of her energy, Mamela dashes forward towards Ghedi's skeletal form. "Dad?"

* Janja's roar echoes all across the valley. *

[Janja] Indeed as he had thought, the leonine on the ground is his brother though, he isn't sure what had happened to cause his brother to become that way. He isn't keen on being instructed to stay back and for once disobeys the elder and hovers around his brother anxiously until a sudden cry and the sight of a skinny cheetah grabs his attention. What on earth is going on?

Ghedi opens his eyes and looks into the face of another lion. There is no sign of recognition on his face… He spots the cheetah next and a look of confusion crosses his face… The second roar makes him jump and look toward Janja… "What do want with me? Am I tresspassing of your lands? I'm sorry if I am… I assure you it was not intended.."

Jelani had been traveling near by when she heard the roar, stopping her in her tracks to look up the ridge where its tone echos down. Such sounds are a rarity these days but that doesn't stop one from investigating the cause nor the source. Looking back into the valley for a quick moment wondering who else might of heard it as well, she poses a glance back to the ridge standing where she is for a moment longer before headng in its direction. Moving up the ridge, rocks slide beneith her but she manages to keep from falling as she continues up.

Taz quickly looks up at the call, recognizing Mamela - although not instantly due to her skinny look - and realizing it wasn't him who was refered by that. What's going on here??? A sickness that seized the pride?! A famine?! Too focused on Ghedi again he doesn't notice Janja getting closer despite his worry he might get infected, too, should his nightmare turns out to be truth. There's some relief when getting a reaction from Ghedi and he quickly pulls back his paw - only to stare at him in disbelief. Disorientation? Some kind of fever? "What…? It's me, your father." He squints his eyes, looking right into Ghedi's eyes for a moment… "Son…?"

"Dad…" Mamela is frowning, her long tail lashing with worry. "No, it's me…Mamela. Your daughter." she tells Ghedi, her eyes searching his for some spark of recognition.

For a moment, relief is on the young lion's face as he sees his brother opening his eyes though it fades as quickly as it comes as he sees that his brother doesn't seem to recognise him or their father at all. "It's me, Janja. I'm your brother." Turning his attention to Mamela, he asks, "What's going on here? Did something happen?" wanting to find out answers.

Ghedi looks from one face to the other… "You… You know me? You all know who I am? I thought this place looked familier but…I can not remember being here. You all seem familier too…like I seen you in a dream or something…"

Making it up the ridge, Jelani huffs taking the last steps to more stable ground. Looking down th ridge behind her, her eyes squint through the dust at what looks like a figure but her attention is drawn away by a set of voices. Looking to them, she moves in to see who they are but slowly until she knows them.

Deep within the valley a roar was heard and brought curiosity to a lion who was about to find rest under the open sky. That short lived, the lion gazes toward the border, the only liable place such a sound would be found. Giving himself a moment, Ryngia rushes forward to investigate. By the time he reaches the ridge he is short of breath, looking around for who ever might be near by. Finding no one immediately he calls out with a chuff. If anyone 'was' nearby they were bound to hear it. He stands there awaiting any reply while at the sametime gathering his breath for the climb.

[Tahzhoo]: The lion's alarmed mood seems to cease as realization replaces it. He has a lot of question, for sure, to Ghedi and Mamela as well, who he is glad to see as well, offering her a nod. Though right now is not the time for questions, right now is the time for care. There might have been many seasons that passed and Ghedi is long since adult, more than that, though there are things that don't change no matter how much time has passed. And so he lowers himself down, right next to Ghedi's head, sphinx-like, and starts to groom his head, just as he did when his son was so much younger. It's a tender, careful grooming, accompanied by a calm, reassuring voice. "We know you, indeed. We know you very well, Ghedi. We are your family, and you are at home…"

Mamela looks over to Janja and shakes her head. "I don't know…I was gone. I've been looking for Talo for a while." she says, and she nudges her father with a frown.

[Janja] Well, there isn't any useful information from Mamela that may help them to figure out what is wrong with Ghedi. Sighing slightly, he just looks at his brother helplessly, not used to seeing him in this sort of condition. Hearing a faint chuff, he lets out a chuff in return, recognising it as Ryngia. Perhaps he can shed some light on the matter.

Ghedi is startled by this lions actions, but he is too weak to resist. There is a tear in his eye at Tahzhoo's words… "Home? I have been wandering lost for so long… I have no idea where I have been, or how I got there, and I dont really know how I got here… I don't know when I last ate or drank, and I am so thirsty… I wish I could remember you all, but if you say you are family, I will have to take your word for it. May I ask your names? You called me Ghedi, so at least I know who I am now…"

Jelani doesn't get real far when the chuff reaches ear. So, someone was there afterall. Looking back, even with the urge to see those ahead, she waits; if it was whom she thought it to be it would be a wise choice to wait for him. The chuff from ahead brings her ears back, recognizing it to be familiar but not so much to put a name behind it.

When ready, with or without a response, Ryn climbs the ridge in record time even for himself. When at the top he looks around and the first one he sees is his mother. Glad to see her, while at the same time curious to what brought her here, he follows suit to reach hthe lioness's side. "Mom!" He calls out then flick an ear to the responsive chuff. There are others here too huh, odd.

Between the licks grooming Ghedi's head Taz looks up to Janja and Mamela, and into the direction of the faint sounds coming from the valley side of the ridge. He believes in recognizing Ryngia and telling by his call the lioness he cannot see clearly yet must be Jelani. It's a great relief to see more members of the pride and apparently in better shape than those two they met so far. His attention is soon caught again by Ghedi talking to him, and while he listens to his words - continuing the grooming - he wonders if this is why he couldn't find him all the time, no matter how much he looked for him. He assumed him at the falls… "Yes, you are at home now, my son, the best place to be" - especially for someone in his shape. "Water isn't far, and so is shelter. You need to recover.." He surely hopes Ghedi will remember them all together with the names, soon, though he gives them all to in, in hope to help that memory. "I am Tahzhoo, your father. This is Janja, your brother, and Mamela, your daughter." Hopefully Ghedi will just accept that fact without him having to explain right now why she's a cheetah. "And over there is Ryngia, your son, together with Jelani, your mate." He looks in Ghedi's eyes, hoping to see signs of recognition…

Mamela keeps her eyes on Ghedi, though her ears twitch to new voices. "Yes, you're Ghedi. And I'm Mamela. And…you don't remember anything?" She looks sad, her ribs pressing against her skin as she inhales.

[Janja] Turning his attention back to his brother, he leans down to give the lion a warm nuzzle and manages a smile as best as he can in the current situation, "Hey there, bro." while letting his father makes the introduction. After all, he doesn't want to make the lion even more confused than he is now.

Ghedi looks very sad in spite of the warm welcome from family members… "I have your names now, but unfortunately, my memories of my life are like distant shadows at the moment. I know there is something there, but there is no details. Perhaps I will remember in time…" He tries to get to his paws, but he lacks the strength… "I could really use some food and water, but I don't know if I can walk very far…"

Waiting for her son, Jelani looks to the faintly seen group in the distance. By their voices she could probably guess who they were but she wasn't to much into guessing right now and when Ryn is just a few meters away she steps forward toward the group. Its about time she finds out whats going on.

Ryngia reaches his mother just as she starts off toward the gathering. Not much is said as they travel forward but when he sees who exactly they are nearing he pauses in step. "Dad?" Was it really him.. he looks horrible. Glancing at everyone around him, he gaze no sooner falls back upon Ghedi, rushing in how no idea what he wasn't exactly a familiar face right now.

"They will come back to you in time, son." Taz's voice is a reassuring one. "And as for the rest.. that's what family and prides are for." He slowly gets up, mustering Ghedi's body for a moment before he has to admit that he won't be able to carry him, despite his skinny state. Muss less would Mamela be able to to. "Janja," he looks at his other son, "Is there enough strength left in you to carry him over to the caves? They are close, safe and have water." When noticing Jelani and Ryngia finally coming over he adds, "You'll have help." And towards the two he nods his head, "Glad to see you two well, at least. Might you help Janja to carry him over to the caves? He's looking for food, water… and memories." Understanding that they surely want to talk to Ghedi first and see themselves in what condition he is he steps back a bit, giving them room.

"Maybe…I can help. Dad can lean on me some." Mamela is probably too small to help, even when she's not skinny, but she wants to do something for her father. "Or…maybe I can catch something for him to eat."

Janja nods his head at his father's words and moves beside Ghedi, ready to help him to the caves when he is ready. Hearing Mamela's words, he frowns slightly, "Maybe you should go to the caves and rest with your father. You don't look like you are in good conditions yourself, young lady."

Ghedi uses most of his remaining strength just to raise himself to a sitting position. "Thank you all for your help. I just hope that you are not wasting time on a lion more dead than alive… I sure would appreciate food and water though. At least then, should I not make it, I will at least have a full belly…"

Jelani is left behind when Ryngia races forward when he realized its his father there on the ground. Her own rush was at a much slower pace, the climb having worn her out; her age no advantage either. She does manages to reach them though with enough enery to greet and perhaps lend a paw. Cupping her ears when hearing Tahzhoo speak of food, water and memories, she blinks looking to Ghedi for a better explanation. Taken by utter shock, Jelani's heart sinks at the sight of her mate. What's happened to him.. A simple frown to her lips brings the lioness closer to the fallin male. "Ghedi, my love.." That is all thats said as she lowers her head to him in attempt to brush her head against his. "Dont say things like that. Your going to be just fine." She says, sounding confident on her words.

Ryngia stops just short of his father and looks at him closely before having his gaze fall upon Tahz then Janja. He could probably carry his father from the ridge himself but arguing against help would be selfish of him, something he doesn't need right now. Noding to his uncle, Ryn moves around to the other side of his father but not before nosing his mother in comfort. He knows how she must feel to see him like this. With Jelani's care he believes Ghedi will be up and about in no time.

Taz understands Mamela's wish to help, to do something as well. "Perhaps you can find something for him to eat, Mamela. You are surely better at hunting than me," he offers a bit of a smile to reassure her as well. Ghedi doesn't seem to be in a life-threatening physical condition as far as he can tell - everything else can be taken care for, little by little. For the first time since he's spotted him the elder smiles, when seeing Ghedi managing to get up to a sitting position, confirming his estimation. He's about to say something to him, but seeing Jelani at his side now and addressing him he safe his words for later. Seeing that he's more help by now than might be actually needed he gets up. "There's something I can do, as well. I'll have rely on my paws some more for that, but I'll be back soon. I'll meet you at the caves." Slowly turning around he starts walking along the ridge, towards a thicket with no visual path. Apparently there's a little secret only he knows about, being the oldest still living inhabitant of the valley.

Mamela looks over at her uncle, and her ears droop a little. "But…I'll be okay." she says. "He needs food." She frowns. "I can catch something…nothing too big, but at least something."

[Janja] Well, the young lion can understand Mamela's sentiments of wanting to help, "Oh okay but don't go after anything too big." before turning to nod at Ryngia, "Let's go." taking care to move with Ghedi's pace.

Ghedi gives Jelani a sad smile. "I hope so, and I do hope I can remember someone as pretty as you, and who speaks to me in such a loving manor." Using Janja and Ryngia to steady himself, he rises to a standing position. "I think I can walk if the two of you hold me up. Just take it slow…"

With a last, worried glance back over his shoulder Tahzhoo vanishes into the thicket. Only a rustling can be heard after that, fading quickly as he moves away towards an unknow, but important destination at the almost inaccessible steep slopes of the valley…

During times like this it always seemed like Tahz had something on his mind, something hidden away that no one else knew about. The old lions actions always a mystery. Little attention paid to the elder however, Jelani showed little interest in whatever he had to help with for there were far greater things to worry about. Stepping back to provide enough room for Ghedi to rise with assistance, she looks ahead for the best path down a smile on her face. "I hope you do as well." She says looking back to her mate.

There was only one thing on Ryngia's mind right now and that was to ensure his fathers safty and how to get him from the ridge and to a place of rest. Looking around, he stops upon those who mention of gathering food. Mamela, a brave soul, even in her state, to hunt for food. It would not surprise him if she gets hurt in the attempt, but gives faith to her efforts. "Be careful Mamela. Getting food for dad is important but so is your own life." That said he looks to Janja with a nod then his father, pressing himself against him. "Ready when you are, dad."

Mamela looks over to Ryngia, and she shakes her head. "Nah…I don't matter. Not as much as dad. I'll try and find an impala." she says, and she gets up, stretching out with a soft, somewhat wearied sigh. "I'll be back with some food in a little bit, dad." She tells Ghedi.

Janja looks over at Mamela worriedly, hoping that she will be safe in her hunting though for now, he tries to keep his focus on getting Ghedi to safety first.

Ghedi starts walking slowly forward… "I hope these caves my…father mentioned are not too far away." He feels strangely comforted having the lions on either side of him, even though he can not remember either of them… "I sure wish I had wandered this way weeks ago before I wasted away this much…"

Jelani looks to Mamela when she refers to herself as one who doesn't matter. She frowns knowing that isn't true. We're all important in our own special way; did she really lose sight of that. Saying nothing of it, she looks to Ghedi and nods. "Dont worry, you'll be there before you know it."

Ryngia head shakes back to her, "You are wrong Mamela." He tells her. "We all matter, our importance is the same no matter who we are. King or cheetah." He smiles at the end. How could she forget. Looking to his father, he follows in step with his trying to make the jouney as conforting as possible.

Mamela hmms. "Well…I guess you can say then that I don't care if I matter. I find other things more important than how I am. Not much matters about myself since Talo disappeared." And with that, Mamela is off to find food, her ribs and hips jutting out some as she stalks to the hunting grounds.

Janja smiles, "It's not too far away, bro. Let's just take it nice and slow." while keeping beside him to prevent him from falling.

Ghedi watches the cheetah leaving and frowns… SIt seems she has also suffered some loss… He makes a not to talk to about it. One good turn deserves another… "It is sad to hear someone so down. I might get down myself if I ever remember what it is i have lost…" He slowly keeps placing one paw in front of the other, allowing the other lions to steer him in the right direction.

Jelani signs just watching Mamela run off. How she has fallen, but thats her choice. Watching her step-daughter disappear into the distance she soon turns back to the three behind her. "Lost? There is nothing you have lost, dear." Not that she can remember that is. "Everything and everyone that matters is right here." She looks out toward the valley. "Here in the valley."

Ryngia shakes her head. There she was, using Talo as an excuse to feel sorry for herself. It was sad really, how one so proud and full of life can just fall apart so easily. A light sigh escaping him. "She'll be alright. Losing her mate has hit her hard, but there's still alot out there for her to look forward to. She just.." he pauses taking a step, "..doesn't see it yet." Mamela still has family out there who loves her. Quiet for a while, he keeps the task at paw up front and center. "Mom is right dad. Letting yourself fall because of things in the past is no way to live. Its best to live for what you got and one day will."

Janja blinks a little as he hears Ryngia's words. Then again, he hadn't been involved with the pride much and had not been on up to date with the news. Keeping silent for now, he just helps to lead.

Ghedi grins at Ryngia… "Things in my past are well past. I remember nothing. Perhaps I will in time, but for now, there is no point in feeling down for things I can't remember. The only thing I feel down about right now, is that I can not remember my family or my home…"

Ryngia smiles. "You'll remember them in time." he says. "Lets just focus getting you to the caves. There we can all work things out." In stride he strolls along with Janja an dhis father with hope of reaching the caves in due time.

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— Uzima - Edge of the Valley —

Dalcar, Khess, Ryngia, Ghabara, Jorelsi

Why was he heading this direction; was it out of bordum, or perhaps he wanted to know what his dear siblings where up to. Whatever the reason was, Dalcar has made his way to the Uzima border; well almost. Descending the ridge line, pauses a few times to catch himself from falling face first into the rock face as his offspring race by. "Slow down, or I'll leave you here should you fall."

Ghabara and Jorelsi raced by their father laughing and nipping at each other as they went, the two were having the time of their life it wasn't often they got away from the waterfall cavern.

Khess came up behind her mate and chuckled a bit, "They just wanna play. It's been a while since they had a chance to get out with thier father."

Ryngia was out wondering the valley when he came across his uncle's scent, and of all places heading toward the border. Giving it quick thought, he takes one good look around before heading out to follow it.

Dalcar head shakes as they seem to just ignore him. Looking over to his mate as she heads up from behinds him, he doesn't even nod to acknowledge her words. He meant what he said. "They play to often for my tastes." He only says that because he hardly does. Continuing out, he looks back toward his front noticing something in the distance moving coming to a stop again; his eyes squinting.

"I gonna win!"
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Uzima Valley - Falls

Mamela —-> Cheetah
Duma -----> Cheetah Cub
Jelani -----> Lioness
Ryngia ----> Juve. Lion

From the bottom of the valley walks Mamela, holding a cub and looking peeved. From around the mouthful of cub, she growls. "Duma, you aren't to go wandering off alone. It's dangerous now…I want you to stay safe." she says, then sets the cub down near the river. "Stay at the falls for now. It's safest." she hmms, then grooms at the cub. "Maybe soon I'll start teaching you how to swim."

Duma hmmphs as she's lectured, and frowns. "Duma wanna go 'splorin. No fun at falls unless Moja is there." she complains, her tiny tail lashing as she's set down. "Duma wants to go play in tall grass." but she perks at the mention of swim lessons. "Go swim with Moja and moja mommy and daddy?" she smiles.

Coming in from the opposite direction, Jelani comes carrying a fresh kill; not to far behind her is Ryngia whos ultimate goal is to make it harder for his mother to keep forward. When just about as close as she is going to get to the falls, 'Lani drops the kill and looks back to her son. "You just can't help but make it hard on your mother can you.."

Trailing after his mother and the Zebra she caught from the hunting grounds, Ryngia bats at the kills tail, pouncing at it every few feet with a giggle. When both food and mom stop, he looks up with an innocent grin. "Nope." moving up to Jelani he zig-zags between her legs. Looking up at her he asks, "Can we eat it now?"

Mamela turns as she hears voices, her ears perking, and she smiles as she sees who it is. "Hello Jelani, little brother." she grins, picking up Duma before approaching the newest arrivals. "Great, food." she smiles. "I haven't eaten in too long."

Duma turns also as she hears them. She recognizes the big lioness, but who is the little one? As she's picked up she waves with a paw and chirps. "Hiiii!" she shouts, grinning her fuzzy head off since she's found someone new to play with.

Jelani head shakes to her son who she can't help but nod too. Turning to Mamela upon hearing her, she smiles. "Hello Mamela." She looks down slightly to the young cub she carries. "Duma." Looking back to her catch, taking a seat she says, "I hope theres enough."

Ryngia looks all to eagered to be the first to take a bite of the Zebra, however he is stoped by his sisters voice. Stepping from below his mother as she sits, he turns to look at Mamela and lion chirps before spotting the cub she carries along with her as she says 'hi'. "Who that you have wiff you Sis?" he ponders moving up to them.

Mamela does eye the zebra hunrily, however she does at least take the time to answer Ryngia, setting the cub down so Duma can get a closer look. She smiles. "Ryngia, this is your baby niece, Duma."

Duma bounces right towards Ryngia as soon as her paws touch the ground. She chirps happily, her little tail thrashing. "My name Duma! You wanna play?" she grins, batting playfully at the lion.

Jelani smiles as she watches Mamela introduce her daughter to her son. It was good to see that Ryn was getting a playmate, she just hoped he wasn't to rough with her. Taking note that her son has choosen to play over eatten, she nods before motion over to the kill letting Mamela know she's welcome to join her.

Ryngia head tilts just slightly as the cub is set down by him. He didn't know what a neice was, but didn't question is either; he had someone to play with even if she was considerably smaller than he is. "Hiya Duma." Just about to ask her to play, he's beaten to it. "Um.." Remembering the zebra.. he looks to it real fast then back over to Duma. It was a hard choice but no way was he going to pass up a chance to play. "You bet. What you wanna play?"

Mamela smiles at Duma and Ryngia before she steps over to Jelani, nosing her shoulder. "Thanks a ton for the food." she grins. "I'm starved like a fasting crocodile." she says, before she starts to eat, rather eagerly, keeping one eye on the cubs, to make sure play doesn't get too rough.

Duma grins and continues to bat playfully at Ryngia. "Duma wanna wrestle. Good at it." she giggles, and crouches down to pounce playfully at Ryngia, with the intent of bowling him over and pinning him.

Jelani smiles as she nosed. "Its the least I can do, besides us mothers need to eat too." she chuckles looking to the youngsters for a moment before she too takes to filling her belly.

Ryngia grins as he hears her say wrestling. However, knowing Duma as a girl he immediately lets her have the upper hand. As she bats at him, he falls back to her pounce. "Oh-no, you got me." he calls out, reaching up and trying to gnaw at one of her ears.

Mamela chuckles. "Well with how much my two eat, I'm surprised I'm not devouring rhinos. I'll be glad enough when they start eating meat." she hmms, before going back to eating.

Duma giggles as her ear is gnawed and she tries to tickle at Ryngia with her paws and tail. "Duma no give up. Can beat anyone wrestling." she grins, starting to bat with her front paws while she tickles with the back.

Jelani chuckles along side her, "I know what you mean, just its worse here, I have four." She wasn't complaining though, it could be worse, much worse. Taking a bite she looks over to the cubs and half smiles. Poor Ryn is going to be beaten by a girl..

Ryngia meeps silently under his niece; the tickling reminds him of when his sister does it.. it was the worse thing ever. Pushing up with his forepaws he tries to push Duma off before she gets to carried away from her attack on him. "I don't give up either." he proclaims.

Mamela sighs and grins. "I couldn't imagine four. Two is enough for me to handle…" she chuckles. "I can't imagine how it'll be once they discover how fast they are." she smiles. "I'm in for a long ride." she chuckles softly.

Duma oofs as she's pushed off of Ryngia, though she only attacks now with more vigor, nibbling at ears and tickling at Ryngia's exposed belly. "Gonna win!" she tells him.

Jelani nods to this. "I'd have to agree. But no worries if I know my son any, he'll keep them in line." she chuckles teasing Ryngia from afar. "I'm sure their father will help aswell. Afterall, Talo can't have a free ride in all this." she smirks.

Ryngia tries not to look victimized as he's efforts to stop her attack seem to be fruitless. Looking up at her, he rolls to his side even though his ears are nod nibbled on. "Hey that hurts.." he calls out at Duma. He never realized how sharpe milk teeth were until now. Reaching up now, he tries to pull himself over onto Duma; maybe his weigh will give him the advantage.

Mamela grins. "Well if only he could feed them, that would take half the wight off me." she jokes. "And yes, Ryngia will soon learn how to be a great cubsitter." she chuckles.

Duma continues to gnaw on his ears until she's pushed over and he rolls on top of her. She mmphs and keeps nibbling, though now she also thrashes with her paws to try and get him off. "No…gerrof." she says.

Jelani continues to eat, looking over only when she hears the 'no' from Duma. "Ryngia, you know better than that… get off her." Her head shakes at what she sees. "I hope he learns soon." she later comments to Mamela.

Ryngia looks to proud of himself up to the point where his mother tells him to get off. "Aww." he lets out. He wasn't going to hurt her.. Backing off, he slumps over to a sit with a sigh.

Mamela also glances up at he cub's protest, though since Jelani handles it, she goes back to eating with a smile. "They'll learn. It might take time, but they will." she says.

Duma hmmphs as Ryngia gets off, and she runs off after him, getting a running start before she leaps, intent on getting in a revenge attack and win the wrestling match.

"One can only hope right. He's usually good around the girls, though sometimes he gets carried away." That said, Jelani finishes up her share of the zebra before sliding back a few feet to watch the play.

Mamela must be hungry, as she continues to eat even after Jelani stops. If she keeps up much longer, she'll have to roll away from the kill. She smiles softly. "So does she. She's very brave…but her boldness can cause trouble." she hmms.

Ryngia looks highly disappointed, but that all seems to fade as Duma dives in for more. Comeing right at him, he tries to dump but is to slow and winds up being pummeled to the ground once more. "Hey, I wasn't ready." Though he gets the idea that she doesn't care.

Duma mrowls and gnaws at his ears while she starts tickling again with all four paws and her tail tip. "Keep ears open, or Duma win." she tells him, though mainly she's concentrating on beating him.

Jelani nods, "Seems they have much in common then. Perhaps one day we will seem them off exploring some where together."

At this rate, if he wasn't allowed to wrestle the way he wanted he was bound to lose. Looking up at Duma, Ryngia chuckles. Not about to go out without a fight though, he tickles back.Mamela grins. "She does enough exploring already…and I don't have enough eyes to keep track of her." she chuckles as she bites in again, her tail giving a flick.

Duma murrs and grabs onto one of his ears, shaking her head a little as she tugs at it and continues to tickle, though she squirms as she's tickled back. "Duma win." she says from around his ear fur.

Jelani smirks, "I wouldn't worry about that. I've got enough eyes watching my cubs for the both of us." she chuckles softly. "Yay.. Duma wins." she cheers to Duma looking to her and her son, even though she's missed a good portion of whats gone on between them.

Ryngia head shakes. "No you didn't, you cheated." Course she really didn't, but he'll do just about anything to ensure that he was the one that one. Wincing as his ear is tugged and shook, it takes only a moment for him to fully declare defeat, lying flat.

Mamela chuckles. "Well luckily the crocodiles will help watch her. She and their eldest son get along like littermates, or better, it's extremely cute." she grins. "Duma really does love Moja. They groom each other and snuggle."Mamela chuckles. "Well luckily the crocodiles will help watch her. She and their eldest son get along like littermates, or better, it's extremely cute." she grins. "Duma really does love Moja. They groom each other and snuggle."

Duma hmmphs and pulls back her head, tugging more on his ear. "Ryngi, no stopping." she says firmly, tickling his bellyfur with her tail. "Keep playing."

Jelani smiles, "Well thats good to hear. I'm not to familiar with any of the young crocs yet.. if there really as you say, I hope it lasts." She also hopes something like that forms with these two. Watching the cubs play now, she can't help but laugh. "Poor Ryn. I think Duma has him done for."

Ryngia doesn't move.. he has been defeated and by a girl no less. Acting play dead now, his eyes closed most of the way, he peers up through cracks trying not to giggle.

Mamela smile and nods. "I know they'll stay friends." she says, and shakes her head at the cubs. "Duma won't be giving up anytime soon…Ryngi's in for a long time playing dead." she chuckles.

Duma continues to tug Ryngi's ear as she bats at his muzzle. "No, get up. Not done playing." she whines, her tail lashing.

"Neither will he, but he'll play dead for as long as it takes." Jelani confirms with a flick of her tail.

Ryngia continues his act of being dead.. starting to count the number of times his head gets tugged or face batted. Only getting to five, before forgetting what comes after, he opens his eyes and reaches forward with a big lick across Duma's face.

Mamela grins. "Then I suppose it's we who are in for a long night of watching them at a standstill." she chuckles, shaking her head.

Duma eeks as she's licked and let's go of his ear, scrambling back until she stumbles right off of Ryngia and is left pouting. "No lick…wanna play…" she frowns.

Jelani chuckles once more. "I don't know about that. We could just stop it.. say its bed time or something." She was starting to get tired… and Ryn has yet to eat. Watching the interaction between the time in the mean time though, she blinks then suddenly smirks. Seems her son has found a defense.

Ryngia chuckles as Duma stumbles back at his lick, pushing himself to all four the first chance he gets. Stepping toward her he motions to lick again, only to fake it and side step over to his mother.

Mamela grins as she seens Ryngia lick Duma, and she chuckles. "She sure didn't like that." she says, before calling. "Duma, that's enough. Come here, now."

Duma sniffles and walks over to her mother. "Mean lion not playing anymore…Duma wanted to wrestle more." she complains. "And he lick me too…gross."

Jelani head shakes. "I think you've had enough for today.." she says looking to both cubs. "Ryngia needs to eat and after that bed." she looks to her son more directly now knowing he's not going to like that to well. "Tomorrow you guys can play again."

[Ryngia]: So muhc for her winning, seems he out did her this time and all it took was a lick. A grin on his face, he looks over to Duma for a moment and stick out his tongue. Turning to his mother he frowns but doesn't go against her word. Indeed hungry her turns to the zebra next and takes whatever happens to be left.

Mamela grins and nods. "Duma needs to eat too, or else she'll be waking up hungry at some ungodly hour." she chuckles.

Duma hmmphs and sticks her tongue right back out at Ryngia before she makes her way over to her mom's belly for food.

Jelani chuckles soundly at the two. "Such a pawful these two are." Watching her son take off toward the zebra she hopes he gets enough otherwise she may have to send Ghedi out to find more, joking of course.

Ryngia wastes little time tearing into the left over zebra.. and lucky for him there was just enough. Being small has its advantages.

Mamela chuckles. "They'll only become more so as they get older." she grins. "But it will sure be interesting."

Duma hmms and looks over at Ryngia, pausing in her meal for a second. "Why eat that?" she asks. "This good food. Come eat good food." she tells him.

Jelani nods to that. "I know.. he grows bigger each day, he'll soon out grow me." she chuckles at her own words hoping that doesn't happen anytime soon. "By then his father should be taking over things, so no worries there."

Ryngia looks up from his meal, just about done, and over to Duma who offers some of what she's having. "I to big for that… that for babies." Not that he was calling Duma a baby of anything, but it was true. "This for big cubs." He looks to Mamela doubting she'd let him feed off her anyway.

Mamela smiles. "Mjamba will probably outgrow me. Duma's so tiny, though, I'm not sure. She may end up smaller, bu that's not so bad, since she can be faster, then."

Duma looks at Ryngia, then back at her mother, then frowns. "Duma no baby." she says, marching over to the zebra to try and take a bite. She seems to like the taste, but her milk teeth can't tear any off, and so she struggles trying to get a bite with no success.

"We'll find out all in due time I'm sure." Says Jelani as she settles down into a more comfortable position before settin her head down upon her paws. Managing to catch Duma's movement over to the zebra, she blinks, watching her.

Ryngia looks over the zebra with his last bite and over to Duma. When she's up next to the kill he blinks some toward her not sure what she plans on doing with those little teeth of hers. Watching her for a moment he 'ahs' tearing on a small piece and then giving it to Duma be placing it on the ground in front of her. "Here."

Mamela nods, but she is distracted as well as Duma moves off. She hmms as she watches for a moment, then stretches over to pick up Duma. "You can start eating that soon." she smiles. "But you'll grow lots bigger if you drink milk for now."

Duma wriggles as she's picked up and reaches for the meat Ryngia had torn off for her, but she's too late, being put back at her mom's side already. "Duma wanna be big cub -now-."

Jelani is quiet as she watches seeing the going ons. "Eagered to grow up already it seems." she finally says motioning for her son to come over. "One day little one." she says to Duma.

Ryngia awws as his niece of pulled away just as he gives her some of what he was eatting. Just shows how young Duma really is. With a shrug he picks up the piece of meat he torn off, eats it himself, then heads over to his mother crawling up on her and laying down. "Thank you mommy." he says. "I full now." and with that he yawns.

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Uzima - Jungle Path

Mamela, Ryngia, Sumi

Mamela half-walks, half-slides down the hill, making her way to see if any of her siblings or her father is awake. She's fairly slow-going, but manages to move at a semi-reasonable pace, looking fairly tired by the time she sits on the path, her belly even more distended now. Looking around, she chirps softly, hoping someone might be around to keep her company.

It was a quiet day for Ryngia, as he lays on the path with his head on his paws. No one was awake that he could tell and he'd already scared off all the wildlife. With a light huff he sighs looking out across the path.

Mamela hears something down the path and she stands, continuing forward. It's not long before she sees her little brother and she chirps to him softly, makig her way to give him a warm nuzzle. "Hello Ryngia."

Ryngia's ears lifts from this drooped stated as he hears something, or someone near by. Glancing over a light smile appears over his face at the sight of his muck older spotted sister. Tail now flicking across the grund, he picks himself up to a seated position before accepting the nuzzle. "Hey."

Mamela smiles and noses her brother, giving him a quick lick across the ears. "How are you today?" she asks, settling slowly down onto her belly as she speaks to him, her tail tip flicking softly.

Ryngia looks to the ground as he says, "I'm okay.. just bored." Turning up to her now he half smiles. "No one here to play with." Which was the truth most the time. Looking over to his father now, then to his mother he hmms. "You wanna play?" he questions to his sister hopping she does.

Mamela nods. "I understand that. I'm bored too." she says, and smiles at the question. "Of course I want to play." she chuckles, and turns, falling into the play crouch of cubs, grinning at her brother.

Ryngia grins at her answer and is certainly ready. Getting up onto all four, he takes a few ste ps back whe noticing her crouched like posture. With a little play growl he leaps forward aimming for her backside, likely to miss since his not to good at pouncing yet.

Mamela waits for Ryngia to make the first move. When he pounces, she stays still, and feels the impact of him right on her shoulders. Growling playfully, she turns her head and bats at him lightly with a paw. "Help, a lion's gonna eat me!" she says, giggling.

Ryngia giggles all the while after he makes his landing on his sister; he head shakes hearing how call out for help. Thinking it silly, he turns around and goes to gnaw on one of her ears while trying not to fall off.

Mamela grins as he starts gnawing on her ears, and she shakes her head lightly, making a sound halfway between a purr and a growl.

Ryngia grrs softly only to stop gnawing on the ear and hold on with his paws around her neck as his sisters head begins to shake.

Mamela stops shaking her head, and she chirps up at him. "You're pretty tough, holding on." she grins. "But can you withstand…the tickling tail?" she giggles, reaching up with her long tail to tickle at Ryngia's side.

Strength has always been one of Ryngia's better attributes, but when it comes to tickling he doesn't last long. Not believeing for a moment that her tail can reach him, he doesn't worry, but when he's proven wrong he eeps turning to the tail with laughter.

Mamela continues to giggle and tickle at her little brother, curling around a bit to better reach him with her tail. She grins, peering upward. "Not giving up yet?"

Ryngia didn't liek giving up, but it would seem he has no choice, wanting it to stop. Trying to hold on just a while longer, he loses his grip and goes tumbling down his sisters side and to the ground. Flopping right on his back, he looks up his sister in surrender.

Mamela purrs and turns to Ryngia, grooming his belly fur and smiling. "Hey, that was pretty good. Not many can hold on that long while being tickled." she grins, in between licks.

It wasn't that long, least not to him anyway. Batting up at the licking face, Ryngia purrs. "I no give up."

Mamela purrs softly and continues to groom him, though she lifts a paw and bats lightly at his protesting ones. "Well then you should fight back." she grins.

Ryngia blinks with a slight head tilt. "Fight back..?" he wasn't sure what that was or how to for that matter.

Mamela grins. "You should keep playing if you don't want to give up." she corrects herself, and noses Ryngia.

Keep playing.. well thats easy enough. Taking action to her return batting, he tries to catch the defending limb; rolling onto a side.

Mamela grins as her paw is caught by the little lion, and she wiggles it. "Hey, lemme go." she laughs, batting softly at his side.

Ryngia giggles trying to keep hold of hit while his batted at. "Its mine now." he tells her.

Sumi makes his way over towards where Ghedi and the others are as he goes to check on the lands and hears voices up ahead.

Mamela continues to try and free her paw from his grasp, giggling softly. "Hey, it's my paw. You have four of your own." she grins. "So, gimme mine, or I'll have to tickle you again." she teases.

Ryngia head shakes. "No." he grins, giving it a light tug. He didn't want to be tickled but he didn't want to pet the paw go either.. so while hilding the paw he looks over towards Mamela's tail; the likely suspect.

Sumi looks around curiously as he spots Mamela and Ryngia and calls out, "Hey thre you two whats up?" he asks.

Mamela grins and threateningly starts to move her tail tip toward her brother. "Oh, look reinforcements." she says of the appendage, and giggles, turning as she sees Sumi. "Oh, we're playfighting." she grins.

Ryngia grrs at the tail, letting go of the paw and jumping back. No way he was going to let it get him this time. The paw didn't matter now, they were easy to catch; but the tail now that was a challenge. Hearing his uncle in the back ground, he turns his ears back, but never does he turn his gaze.

Sumi smiles and doesn't mind Ryngia ignoring him as he moves over towards Mamela ahhhh, "I see your losing it looks like." he says with a small grin.

Mamela grins and steps toward Ryngia, bringing her tail forward to tickle at him, while turning her head to Sumi. "That I am. Ryngia is stronger than his big sister." she smiles.

Ryngia swats at the tail as it comes at him. "No tickle." He calls out before making a run for it toward his uncle. Sumi's always been a shield for him in the past why should now be any different.

Sumi smiles and chuckles, "Hey stop being mean." He teases poor Mamela as he watches Ryngia come running towards him.

Mamela grins and walks calmly toward Ryngia. "Aww I'll stop if you don't like it." she purrs, ignoring Sumi for the moment. "Cummon we can pounce Uncle Sumi." she grins.

Ryngia looks up from behind Sumi as Mamela speaks. He shakes his head at first but when the idea of pouncing his uncle comes up he is quick to accept. "You first, he to big for me." he says looking up at Sumi then his sister.

Sumi grins and backs up from the two of, "Hey no fair…ganging up on little old me." he giggles.

Mamela grins and runs up, pouncing and aiming for Sumi's back. "Yeah, well you're bigger than the both of us combined." she says, and grins to Ryngia. "Come on, you pounce too."

Ryngia noddles,though waits for Mamela to do it first so that its easier folr him with Sumi hits the ground. When the advantage is there, he makes his move.

Sumi eeps a bit as he finds himeself pinned under Mamela as he grunts, "Hey careful there…" he says with a giggle, though he finds himself soon the target of Ryngia too.

Mamela grins. "Aww, how much damage can a pregnant cheetah do to a big lion like you?" she giggles, and starts trying to tickle Sumi.

Ryngia can't really do much, after all he's the smallest one here and the least likely to do the most damage. Paying the dues upon Sumi, he just sits there on a place upon his uncles upper back while letting Mamela take care of the rest.

Sumi grins a little bit, "Just don't teach him about Uvuli…those two could give me a run together.." he says with a smile.

Mamela giggles. "Oh, I'll teach him." she says, and turns to Ryngia. "Hey, you want to meet a baby crocodile?" she grins. "She'd be really fun to play with, with you and Uncle Sumi."

Ryngia has no idea what a crocodile is and wasn't really sure he wanted to either. Giving it a shrug for the time being, he just remains sitting there.

Sumi smiles as he looks back towards Ryngia and Mamela, "Okay now you got me what now?" he asks.

Mamela hmms and sits down on Sumi. "Well I guess we can tickle him, or we could put flowers in his mane, or paint him brown with dust." she grins. "What do you think, Ryngi?" she asks her brother.

Ryngia hmms for a moment and doesn't really know. He was just going to gnaw on him for a while till he got bored, but now that he thinks about it, and with the many options given to him, he think making him brown may prove more worthy. "We'ts make him brown." Maybe not as dark as himself, but close as possible.

Sumi giggles a little bit as he smiles, "I think you like Uvuli, she's quiet inquisitive, and likes tails." he says.

Mamela grins over at Ryngia, ignoring Sumi for the moment. "Then you have to get some dirt so we can put it on him." she giggles.

Ryngia hmms again before looking around. How was he going to get dirt from one spot to the next, or maybe… With a small grin, he jumps off Sumi and moves over to one of his forearms. Standing there for a moment he starts to pulls at the arm moments later. When both he and the arm don't go anywhere he stands taking a seat. This was harder than he thought. Batting at the ground, a dust cloud takes to the air and suddenly Ryn' gets an idea.

Sumi hmmmmms as he smiles, not making it easy fo Ryngia as he wants tos ee if he can solve this himself as he just smiles over towards him, he's just been really happy with all the young of late.

Mamela grins and watches Ryngia, wondering what his idea is, all the while continuing to sit on Sumi, like some fuzzy chair.

Well his idea was really quiet obvious, infact it was so obvious that it was right in front of his face; or under his paws that is. Hitting the ground once more, Ryngia has an 'aha' moment then starts to dig till he had a small pile of dirt.

Sumi chuckles a bit as he just watches this and waits to see where he goes with this.

Mamela sees what he means to do and grins, making sure to turn away for when the dirt starts flying, and she tickles a bit at Sumi with a claw.

With a pile now in place, Ryngia turns to flace both sister and uncle. HIs objective was to dity Sumi, but with Mamela on top of him a devious idea came to mind. Making it look like he is going to put the dirt on hisunclew put grabbing a paw full and spreading it across him, he slowly makes his way toward the cheetah and sprinkles some on her too.

Sumi giggles at this and grins, "Looks like he wants to get you too Mamela you created a monster." he says with a smile while looking towards Ryngia with that same smile.

Mamela grins and turns to Ryngia. "Hey, you can't turn on me." she giggles. "You're supposed to be painting Sumi, little bro." she chuckles.

Ryngia has a big grin on his face as he looks up to his sister. "You in da way, so I paint you too." That said, he takes more dirt and begins to cover his sister with one paw and his uncle with the other.

Sumi grins as he makes a light grab at Mamela with a chuckle, "I got her, you get her all dirty." he says.

Mamela grins and squirms, trying to get away from Sumi. "Hey, you can't get dirt on me. That's mean." she giggles. "It's like…not getting food for me. Just mean." she jokes.

Ryngia stops. Why wouldn't anyone get food for her.. what about him, he's a cub he needs it to grow, just like he needs to cover his sister in dirt. "I no get food, so I make dirty." he giggles. "You wanted play, now you pay." he grins taking the last of his dirt pile and putting it on those before him.

Sumi chuckles a bit at this as he just lets the cub dirty him up, he doesn't mind it all too much.

Mamela grins. "Well I want some food." she giggles. "And look, you made my pretty coat all brown." she teases. "Guess I'll have to dirty you now." she grins at her brother.

Ryngia meeps, but then wonders if the dirt would even show up, his coat and it are pretty much the same color. "Mamma get mad if you do." Not that his mother cleans him anyway. Taking a step back he takes a seat.

Sumi smiles a bit to the two of them and hmmmms, "We could always make Mamela clean you then." he says.

Mamela hmms. "Well I'll do that anyway." she grins, leaning down to pick up Ryngia and set him closer for grooming. She chuckles. "Your mom wouldn't mind." she grins.

Ryngia kind of likes that idea, but doubts… wow wait, what is she doing. Picked up and placed closer he struggles; if only he were big enough to not be picked up. Looking at her with his silver like eyes he wonders one thing — who was going to clean her.

Sumi grins a little bit and just smiles as he gives a tiny yawn, "I'm going to get some rest, you two play nice." he says.

Mamela grins and starts grooming Ryngia. She nods to Sumi. "Oh, I'll be nice." she chuckles as her tongue rasps over her little brother.

Ryngia is usually cleaned by his father, so anything his sister can dish out he was sure he could handle. As she starts to groom him, he looks down and starts to count the seconds though as he does a tiny yawn escapes his maw.

Mamela purrs softly. "Am I being boring, Ryngi?" she smiles as she grooms him. "You're a dirty little brother, though." she giggles.

Ryngia head shakes trying not to yawn again. It was really past his bed time, not to mention a good cleaning always makes him sleepy.

Mamela smiles. "I suppose it is late." she says, glancing up at the sky. "Maybe you should get some sleep, brother." she purrs, nuzzling him before starting to groom again.

Ryngia smiles softly as he lays his head down upon his sisters paws. "Night sis-ter." he says as his eyes slowly start to drift close. Its not long after that he is asleep.

Mamela purrs and nudges him. "Good night, little brother." she smiles, almost done grooming him anyway.

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Due to RL, I can now only be found at certain times of the day. In the morning, though thats rare in its self, and at night around 10 EST. These times may vary too when I learn my full work schedule. If things change, and/or I am unable to come up at all for an extended period of time I'll be sure to let you all know.

So, if there is anyone who wishes to do something with me, RP, talk, whatever, that is when you'll have the chance. I am really sorry about this and I hope for more time soon.


- If you ever need to talk to me for whatever reason, of even Ryngia, you are free to do so via my MSN at any time. Leave a message if you want if I"m not on, we will get back to you.

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So I'll be gone for a week for spring break. Thus, you probably won't see Murka or Mamela for a while. I promise I'm not dead. (Well, I think.)
So I'll catch you guys on the flipside! :D

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I'm checking in for a little moment.

Here's the headline:

17th/18th of March 2009 is my return.

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Moments Later…

Janja | Jelani | Mamela

"I am uncertain if they can or not." Jelani tells him giving a short look to her son. "We'll just have to see I guess." She then chuckles.. "Still think your extremely cool huh. How about we leave that to the cubs." she smirks teasing Janja. Catching motion out of the corner of an eye, Jelani looks back toward Tahzhoo once more. He sure seemed different; she sure hoped things pick up for him, seeing him so reclusive only makes her worry. Trying not to frown she up lefts herself with a question, "So Janja.. how do you plan on being cool?"

Janja is already well attuned to his father's moods but decides to let it go for now. Besides, his father seems tired after their walk. Looking back at Jelani, "Well, namely by teaching them how to do some neat tricks."

Mamela yawns widely and lifts her head from where she'd fallen asleep the night before. Her ears flick to the voice and she blinks, turning her head to others,uttering a soft chirp in greeting as she stands and shakes dust from her fur. "Hello." she smiles.

Tricks, what sort of tricks she wonders. "I hope nothing you wouldn't do yourself." Jelani smirks. Lifting an ear to a sudden hello from behind, she looks back to see that Mamela has awoken. "Oh hey, Mamela… Slept well I hope."

Janja just grins widely, showing his fangs but doesn't say anything, keeping the tricks a surprise for now. Hearing another voice chiming in, he turns to see Mamela and smiles at her, "Hello there."

Mamela nods to the others and moves over to give them both a nuzzle, sitting nearby when she has. She smiles to Jelani and nods. "Oh yes, I slept very well, thank you." she says, and looks between the two. "So…how are you both?"

Jelani didn't really expect much of an answer from Janja so lets it slide for the time being. As Mamela comes up, she nuzzles her back glad to hear she slept well. "I'm well. Just came out to bring Ryngia back to the den when I ran into some strangers." she smirks out toward Janja and his father. "Janja still thinks he's cool. You believe that…" she teases the lion once more.

Janja lets out a contented purr as he receives a nuzzle and returns the favor. Hearing Jelani's comment, he runs a paw over his mane and then puffs out his chest, "Of course I'm cool. I am cooler than anything."

Mamela grins at the two and chuckles. "No, you've both got it wrong. See, to -really- be cool, spots are a must." she teases, flicking her tail a little. She giggles at Janja as he runs the paw through his mane. "Yeah, suuuure Janja." she teases.

Jelani chuckles.. "Okay, you are pretty cool Janja, but Mamela has a point." she smirks. "Spots are all the rave right now." She winks at Mamela some. "Even the cubs know that and they don't even know what a spot is." The thing is, cubs are born with spots and so are cheetahs. "Do you have an spots…" standing she moves around Janja looking rather closely.

Uh-oh, he has already outgrown his spots. Trying to cover his embarrassment, he feints, "Bah, spots are overrated. They are nothing but a fad and will die down in time."

Mamela giggles. "Hmmmm…you know, Jelani, we could help him with his lack of spots. I know where some mud is that would work quite well." she teases, and shakes her head at Janja. "Nah, spots'll never go out. They're the new stripes."

Laughing in amusement, Jelani so notices Janja's attempt to hide his lack of spots. Circling around him, she stops just shy of bring at his front to say, "Oh.. then it'll go back to manes then huh." she grins. "If it does expect to see a glimmering one growing from my head. No way am I going unhip." she chuckles.

Janja looks at Mamela warily at the mention of mud, "Oh no you don't. I spent quite some time on keeping myself clean and I intend for it to stay that way. You can have the mud for just yourself, thanks." He gives a toss of his mane, "Yeah, manes will be back in fashion soon again."

Mamela grins. "Well I just won't give you spots when you're awake then." she jokes, and hmms. "Well manes'll be fairly difficult for me to pull off." she giggles. "Unless I can have yours, Janja."

Jelani flicks her head like she has one. "I can just see it now." She then hmms upon hearing Janja's remark about being clean. "On second thought, manes are a lot of work. Takes me forever to clean Ghedi's, why go through that twice." she head shakes. "Right Mamela.. who needs one when you can take someone elses." she chuckles.

Janja takes a few steps back, "Uh-uh, no one is going to take my beloved mane for me. It is a sign of a male had reached his maturity. Be sides, there will be no way for you to get it to stick to you" He isn't keen on losing his mane.

Mamela chuckles. "Well I don't see how else I could keep up with the 'mane' fashion." she grins at her own bad pun. "Well Janja there's probably some way I could stick it on."

Jelani lets Mamela has Janja's mane, she's already got one; if Ghedi will let her have it. "We'll use some of Maboo's gum.." she jokes seeing as its a pain to get off once its on. "And what do you have to worry about Janja, it'll just simply grow back."

Janja gets ready to run if Mamela or Jelani is going to make any sudden moves, " Well, it only looks great on guys, not girls." sticking his tongue out slightly at them. Despite being an adult already, he still hasn't seemed to change much yet.

Mamela giggles and walks slowly towards Janja. "You mean I can't just borrow a couple of hairs, just to try it out?" she jokes.

Jelani chuckles. "A couple hairs turns into a many.. I think he's miss them to much to part." She doubts anyone would really notice the lack of a few strands but if she knows any male, a few strands is like a bald spot.

Janja moves further away, not letting Mamela close the distance between them at all. "Hey, is this a bully a lion day? Come on, let me have my mane in peace. A few strands will spoil my good looks."

Mamela ppfts and sits down. "Okaaaay, fine. I guess I'll have to take Sumi's mane." she grins. "That's more amusing, anyway."

See, she knew it. He'd never part with his mane even if he had too. Shaking her head some now, Jelani drops herself into a lay next to those who sleep. "Sumi's a softy, I'm sure he'd give it to you." she smirks.

Janja lets out a sigh of relief, seeing that he is no longer a target, "Well, you can always try Sumi or Ghedi for strands though i doubt that they both will give it to you. It's a symbol of a male lion's pride as well."

Mamela grins. "Well I don't think Sumi will -give- them to me so much as I'll just -take- a few." she giggles.

Getting settled upon the ground, Jelani yawns unexpectedly. Its been a long day and its just about catching up to her. Laying her head down on her paws she looks up at the two, "I'm going to take a nap, alright." They can continue hair pulling without her hopefully.

Janja doesn't take his eyes of Mamela as he responds to Jelani's words, "Ok. Have a good rest, Jelani." He is still on his guard in case of any sneak attacks. Hearing Mamela's words, he asks cautiously, "And how are you going to do that? Sumi is way powerful than you."

Mamela nods to Jelani. "Sleep well." she says, and hmms as she turns to Janja." Well I'll have all the crocodile hatchlings start crawling on him, and he'll be too busy to notice my barbering." she grins.

Getting an acknowledgment from them both, Jelani closes her eyes and takes that moment to drift off.

Paying A Visit
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Uzima - Jungle Clearing

Janja | Jelani | Mamela | Tahzhoo

Making their ways back to their home again, the young lion decides for a slight detour to check up on Ghedi and Jelani as well as their cubs and says so to his father. He wonders slightly if they had been able to open their eyes and walk since the last time he saw them and is pretty eager to find out.

Tahzhoo has been following him. Just like he has accompanied him for some time now. Quiet, serious, withdrawn. The lion's world has changed, and so has he. He keeps close up to Janja, his look seeming to see things far away.

Tending to the daily ritual of cub feeding and the like, Jelani wait for the cubs to sleep before venture back outside. Before she does however, she notices that one is missing. Seems Ghedi forgot to bring Ryngia back in last night. A soft huff given she steps forth to retain her missing son. Outside, she pauses up along side her mate looking down to still see both father and son sleeping at ones side. It was a precious moment and she decides not to disturb them.

It doesn't take long for them to reach their destination. Already, the young lion can see Jelani in the distance. Not wanting to startle her, he lets out a chuff to alert her of their presence.

He comes to an halt beside the younger lion, lifting his weary head and lookingup, curious.. What might be the reason for that sound, unexpected and yet noticed. He spots in only a few heartbeats later, the sight cause a smile to sneak onhis face. Family..

Taking a seat, Jelani smiles softly but as Janja's chuff is heard, her ears droop slightly looking from the pair and to the lion. She wasn't expecting anyone, and to see the young lion was certainly a surprise. Looking back Janja she notices Tahzhoo just behind him and a soft smile is given. "Hello." 'Lani greets standing up to meet them part way.

A goofy grin forms on the young lion's face as he notices Ghedi sleeping not too far away with a cub snuggling in close to him. Awwww, that's so sweet. Tearing his gaze from them, he smiles back at Jelani, "Hi, Jelani. We were just nearby and figured that we should stop by and check on you guys. So how is it going so far?"

The smile grows as she draws near and greets, and his maned heads nods in returning the greeting. A quiet greeting it is, but heartfelt. He's listening, wondering about the on goings as well, eager to soak up news like a sponge is soaking up water. A glances wonders off to Ghedi while he waits for her answer, a look lasting on father and son for a moment.

It was nice of them to come visit, a new face always appreciated. Meeting up with the younger of the two, Jelani nuzzles him. "That's very nice of you guys. Things are well over here. Ryngia came outside the other day; was so cute seeing him try to bond with his father." Turning to Tahzhoo she waits there briefly before nuzzling him as well, something he probably wouldn't expect. Stepping back after, she says, "The others are still in the den. Seems their not as eager to seethe world as their brother." she chuckles.

Janja chuckles slightly, "It will take some time for them to overcome their inhibitions and come out to explore." Winking slightly, he adds, "And who knows, maybe they had been making secret trips while you were asleep."

It is hard to surprise the lion recently. It is, as if he's finally seen it all, as if news have lost that intriguing touch that enchanted him before, just becoming news - and often bad news, too. He let her nuzzle him, closing his eyes while she does, being bereft the chance of returning it as she steps back. "Some are more eager than others," he finally speaks as well, in a voice both deep and soft, and with a touch of retrospect.

Jelani doesn't deny Janja's suspicions of secret gatherings while she is asleep. What sort of cubs would they be if they didn't do things unseen. A brisk smile across her face to the lion she chuckles. "I shall just have spies then." she smirks. Turning back to face where she came, brushing her muzzles up against Tahz as she does, she moves back over to the two sleepers, hoping the two will follow. Taking a seat once there she nods. "That is true, Tahzhoo."

Janja grins again as he suggests, "Well, you can always try dragging them, kicking and screaming out of the caves though that may be rather traumatic for them." His tone is playful as he is only joking.

While Janja is joking, Tahzhoo's mind is absent again, wandering off while he wanders himself, over to a place closer to Ghedi and Jelani yet keeping a distance as if not wanting to be in the center of attention, but instead remaining at the rim of it. A life full of memories, chords ringing at the mere mentioning of something like that..

A simple 'ha' comes from Jelani at Janja's joke. She wouldn't dream of pulling them from their spot.. she'd dread the screaming. "I'll give it some thought." she remarks not really taking it seriously. Looking over to Tahzhoo, she watches him take near Ghedi and herself but say nothing to bring him closer; if he wanted to he would. Instead she gives him a nod then turns back to Janja.

As he speaks to Jelani, the young lion catches sight of his father wandering near to Ghedi and Jelani but not too near enough. He doesn't say anything at all, letting his father drifts in his thoughts for the moment before asking, "So are they capable of recognizing others already? I figured that it is time for them to get to know their extremely cool uncle Janja."

The lion lays down, and soon after eyes starts to close, the voices beginning to fade, just like the scents and sounds and sensations.. He's in his own world again - and it's not a little one. A whole universe of its own, to rediscover, memories like suns and emotions like planets spinning around them.. One may say he's more and more living in the past, in a time when his world was still what he knew it and when illusions weren't disillusioned yet. Others may say he's just getting old. Or maybe he's dreaming of a new world, a world yet to come…

Paying A Visit by InsanekittyInsanekitty, 07 Mar 2009 00:28

Uzima — Jungle Clearing

Ghedi | Jelani | Mamela | Ryngia

Ryngia always seemed to be the only one awake during this time of day, and even though he didn't need his siblings to help occupy himself he was bored. He has seen all there was to see inside the den, curious eyes constantly searching for new things. Wobbling about, Ryn' pushes himself from his siblings and toward the big hole that lead to the outside. When he got there he mewed though half way through it he stops himself as various smells catch his nose.

Ghedi lays against his mate and purrs… "Which of them do you think will leave the cave first? I'm betting it will be one of the boys, but I don't know which… Well, I guess that answers my question. Come on out Ryngia. Come and see the wonderful place you will call home."

Mamela comes softly up the path, panting as she walks toward the clearing. She's disappointed that she's come back empty-jawed. Oh well, hunting trips don't always work out. She seems to be pretty exhausted, but she smiles as she seems happy to see Ghedi and Jelani up and about with the cubs. She chirps as she approaches, and moves to give them each a friendly nuzzle.

It didn't matter which came out first, the order didn't matter. Though as one cub does emerge from the den, Jelani shows much delight as to who it is. In fact she'd always wanted her first born son to be take the first steps out; but would of been pleased with any of them. Looking over to her son she smiles wanting him to come over but doesn't rush him. Another voice entering the area, Jelani turns to look and gives another smile to the nearing cheetah. "Hey Mamela." she greets returning her nuzzle.

Hearing his fathers voice, Ryngia's ears perk up in excitement. Looking over to him, he takes a step forward but only to fall flat. A giggle escaping him, Ryn gets back and scurries over to his father and mother who he sees just moments after, falling several times but not letting it stop him.

Ghedi returns the nuzzle to his daughter, then turns to watch his son. He grins widely as the youngster heads in his direction. Every time the cub gets back up after a stumble, he looks more pleased and definately more proud. "He's no quitter, that for certain." He gives his son several licks. "Very well done Ryn. Welcome to the world my son. As far as you can see in any direction is your home." He knows the cub won't understand any of that yet, but it is something he will tell him often until he does…

Mamela lies down, still panting a bit, and she watches the little cub fondly as she rests, giving a little chirp and a smile towards him.

Jelani head shakes. "He sure isn't, a sure sign of strength." she tells her mate before dipping her head down to nuzzle her son . Leaning her head into Ghedi she watches Ryngia with a bright smile.

Ryngia wobbles right up to his father before falling right at his paws. Ears down showing just a tad bit of shame in himself, he soon giggles looking up at his father with near silver eyes, the one thing that just didn't seem to fit him. Giggling once more to the licks, he doesn't give much acknowledgment to his fathers spoken words except for a few blinks. Ears turning back toward the chirp, Ryn looks back almost instantly; it was that sound again and this time he could see where or who it came from.

Ghedi looks at his daughter. "You look tired hon. Why don't you stick around here for a while and rest up. Let the lionesses hunt for us tonight." He looks into his son's eyes for the first time… "Wow… I wonder if his eyes will say that color… You know, mine started out blue, but darkened to brown after a few weeks…" His son gets a few more licks and a nuzzle.

Mamela grins as the cub turns to her voice and she chirps again, smiling as she does so. "Hello." she tells the cub, hoping he might decide to come closer. She glances up at Ghedi. "I'll be okay soon. I just get overheated when I chase, but I can still hunt. I tried to catch a gazelle this time for Jelani and the cubs but he got away." she frowns.

Jelani hmms as she looks up to Ghedi for a moment seeing his amazement; then looking down to her son. She had seen his eyes the day they opened and she was intrigued by their color. However, she does not know if they will remain that color. "I hope they do…" she tells him. "They are distinguishing." His eyes sort of reminded her of her own, though hers were never that light. Glancing up to Mamela she smirks. "You don't have to do that hon." There was plenty of food here, not that she was complaining. "But I do thank you for trying."

While looking the other way, the licks fro his father bring Ryngia's gaze back to the lion but only for a moment as a second chirp sends his attention back to the cheetah. Purring to the nuzzle, he picks himself up and slowly turns to face Mamela. Like her, he tries to copy her chirp with one of his own, but it sounds nothing like it; then giggles.

Ghedi chuckles… "Well, anything that causes a distraction will help him later in life. In both love and war…" He watches Ryn trying to mimic Mamela's chirp with great amusement. "If he tries that hard with words, he'll be talking in no time." He lowers his head down to his son's level and says, "daddy".

Mamela giggles as he tries to copy her and she chirps again, standing and walking closer to nuzzle Ryngia with a smile. She grins up at Ghedi and Jelani. "I think this one wants to be a cheetah." she teases.

Jelani chuckles at her sons attempt to mimic Mamela. "Or he'll be running around chirping." she chuckles once more. Watching Ghedi lower his head down, she smiles. Trying words out on him already.. she wonders if it'll be like Alma and pretty.

Ryngia tries to chirp again but doesn't get far in his attempts as he hears his father from above. Looking up at him he blinks. Quiet at first, he tilts his head one way then the other. "Daa.." he tries, "Daaeee."

Ghedi's chin drops… "Well, what do you know… The boy's a genius… Very good Ryn, now try 'mommy'. You know, most cubs would just give you a blank stare at this stage… Either he's been listening since before he was born, or he is quite advanced…"

Mamela grins as she watches the cub struggle with speech, and she leans over him to give the length of his body a lick as she purrs.

Jelani smiles at Ryn's verbal attempt at daddy; chuckling as it only comes out as 'dae'. It was a fair shot, and he did a rather good job at it for having never spoken before. "You sound surprised." she smirks at Ghedi. When it was time to say mommy, she watched her son closely. It didn't matter if he could say daddy, but mommy, now that would make her proud.

Ryngia meeps at the lick from Mamela, crawling up into his fathers chest hair. He wasn't scared more like startled. Looking at the cheetah he blinks, then peers up to his father who says something way different than before. Staring at him, "Daaeee!" he says "Daaee! Daaee!" Whatever the second word was, he defiantly wasn't getting it.

Mamela awws and smiles at the cub. She chirps again, trying to coax him closer. "Can you say Mamela?" she asks, hoping he might try but thinking he might be too distracted.

Ghedi grins at Jelani… "Well, so much for mommy. Maybe if you tried it he might get the idea. I wouldn't even attempt sister, or Mamela yet, but I think he'll try them soon enough on his own. Chip off the old block I'd say." He grinswidely…

Jelani chuckles. "Oh well." Slightly disappointed that mommy wasn't even tried, she just smiles; better luck next time. "Seems he likes daddy more than mommy." she smirks. Its not too surprising though, sons tend to usually go to their fathers first anyway. "Ryngia is certainly his fathers boy." Licking Ryn across the head she gives him the benefit of the doubt today; tomorrow, mommy will be the days topic.

What did that expect of him.. he was a cub, and getting 'daaee' out was hard enough. Looking over to his mom, Ryngia smiles then says "Daa…" Stopping himself mid word he changes to "Mmmmm." tilting his head. A puzzled expression crosses his face just then before falling back. Curling up, she cuddles up onto Ghedi's paws.

Ghedi rests his head on his paws, snuggling his son into his mane. "I think all my time awake has caught up to me hon. I'm going to have a nap. I'll look after Ryn if you want to returnto the other cubs… I'll bring him in later." He closes his eyes and starts to drift off…

Mamela smiles at the cub's attempt at her name and yawns, lying down and curling up as she drifts off as well.

Sleep was certainly a most desired things here of late, and Jelani wasn't one to deny someone it when she too wished for the same. With all going to sleep she was left with really only one choice. Looking to the den then down to her son, she softly smiles. A faint "Alright." let out toward her snoozing mate she turns to Mamela who seems to have done the same. Standing up, 'Lani gives a nuzzle to all three before moving out toward the den; those inside are likely expecting her.

Climbing up on his fathers paws roughly the same time as Ghedi lays his head down upon them, Ryngia pushes inward to get the better half before snugging up into the mane. Looking out toward his mother as she moves off, a tiny yawn escapes his maw and before he knows it, he is out like a light.

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Hehehe. Well, can one settle for him being a wonderful father?

But no one is interested in playing a kit?

Re: Yarospawn by cnelsoncnelson, 03 Mar 2009 18:46

I'm busy with a lot of things lately so I wont be very active in game, as what has been noticed I guess.

It all has to do with my real life as my job starts taking more & more of my time.

Soon I'll have plenty of time again.

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