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Name Meaning "Kind"
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adult
Birth Pride None
Current Pride None
Aliases Fara, Farrie, 'Rai
Rank Rogue
Current Status Deceased


If ever there were a word to describe this lioness it would be petite. Having been born ill she never acquired the strength of a muscular body, but rather its frailness; held together through her desire to please and care for others. A graceful creature when well, she held a beauty like no other. Her pelt was a sandy brown, bleached by her love for the sun. Her eyes were green though as light as any green could possibly come.


Farai didn't live a long life, but the life she did live she had to fight for. Sickly from birth; small and fragile, she was always seen by her sister's, Jelani, side. She thought of her as a guardian and protector from the outside world. She knew nothing other than her family, that is until she left with her sister to unknown lands. Never knowing the true reason for this; she never really asked either, so long as she was with Jelani she didn't care.

Adolescence was a tough time for her, for it lead to many life changing events. Although she now lived in a peaceful land things weren't always perfect. As part of her nature, she always wanted the best for everyone, even her sister who strove to continue to protect and raise her no matter how much her health seemed to fall. Caring so much for others, Farai drove herself into a state where she could no longer care for herself even with her sisters help. During the best of times, she'd make friends with the most unlikely of creatures.

Farai lived half way through her adolescence before her brother, Dalcar, murdered her while trying to acquire Jelani's assistance. Not wanting to live her sister, she fought for two days before finally passing on in her sisters arms. Though before she did, she asked her Jelani of three things: To find a home were death could not find her. To find someone who would share the same love she has given; and to have a family.

She now rests in the lands of Ars'Karuar.

Immediate Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Danarri Male Lion Father Rogue Unknown
Kifoda Female Lioness Mother Rogue Deceased
Dalcar Male Lion Brother Rogue Alive
Khalfa Male Lion Brother Natamba Guard Alive
Jelani Female Lioness Sister Natamba Huntress Alive


Name Sex Species Litter Father Status

Extended Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Ghedi Male Lion Brother-in-Law King of Natamba Alive
Laluh Female Lioness Sister-in-Law Huntress Alive
Khess Female Lioness Sister-in-Law Rogue Alive
Ghabara Male Juve. Lion Nephew Youth NPC - Alive
Jorelsi Female Juve. Lioness Niece Youth NPC - Alive
Ryngia Male Lion Cub Nephew Youth Alive
Kushka Male Lion Cub Nephew Youth Alive
Mirae Female Lioness Cub Niece Youth Alive
Kheri Female Lioness Cub Niece Youth Alive