Name Meaning "Forbidden Hatred"
Gender Male
Species Lion
Age Adult
Birth Pride None
Current Pride None
Aliases Dal'
Rank Rogue
Current Status Healthy


In the past he may of been considered to look like a bloody mess, but in reality blood only covers the ground he walks on. He's appearance is that of a murderer, one of no guilt or mercy, crude and dark.

A face scared through countless afflictions of violence and war. The one over his right eye holds a baring of roughness and lack of care, one that should of taken his eye. Across his cheek on the same side, a pair of jagged scars pull up to the bridge of his nose. Two more line the top of his head vertically, partially hidden within the dark strands of his mane. The eyes that provide him with sight are deep green and often held in a distinct manner of defiance. They hold no welcoming act or shine much like if there was no life in them. The mane that covers a majority of his upper body is rather light for his complexion; a dirty sandy brown. Groomed, though only as well as a rogue can muster on ones own.

The body of this lion is tainted with a surprisingly few scars. On his left shoulder, a rather large scar formed from a gash, curls around the blade and down the front foreleg. Two more shaped in a 'U' mark his right flank. Bite marks, obviously intended to tear, lay upon his center back. Fairly muscular and well keptin strength, he doesn't bolster his appearance with walking tall or by the number of incisions placed on his body. He does it casually. The color of his pelt is a faded chocolate, caramel almost. The truff at his tail, matches that of his mane. He is usually seen with his foreclaws extended, revealing a whiteness clearly out of place.


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Immediate Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Danarri Male Lion Father Rogue Unknown
Kifoda Female Lioness Mother Rogue Deceased
Khalfa Male Lion Brother Natamba Guard Alive
Jelani Female Lioness Sister Natamba Huntress Alive
Farai Female Lioness Sister Rogue Deceased
Khess Female Lioness Mate Rogue Alive


Name Sex Species Litter Father Status
Ghabara Male Juve. Lion Son First NPC - Alive
Jorelsi Female Juve. Lioness Daughter First NPC - Alive

Extended Family

Name Sex Species Relation Rank Status
Laluh Female Lioness Sister-in-Law Natamba Huntress Alive
Ghedi Male Lion Brother-in-Law King of Natamba Alive
Ryngia Male Lion Cub Nephew Youth Alive
Kushka Male Lion Cub Nephew Youth Alive
Mirae Female Lioness Cub Niece Youth Alive
Kheri Female Lioness Cub Niece Youth Alive