Name Meaning "Diamond Maiden" (mixed origins)
Gender Female
Species Lioness
Age Adolescent
Birth Pride Natamba Pride
Current Pride Natamba Pride
Aliases Alma
Rank Mystic in Training
Current Status Healthy and Unusual


With age comes size, but for Alma, it's not much. She remains very small, with a delicate bone structure that makes her appear downright fragile. Perhaps, though, the look of glass is suiting, for the youth is a true oddity. She's not tawny nor brown, nor even the darkest hue like her brother. She's a pure, unblemished white like freshly fallen snow, leaving only the soft pink of her nose and paw pads the only signs of color beyond the faint blush of skin where her fur is thinner. Even more starling than her fur is the hue of her eyes. Directly identical to her littermate, they are a vivid, almost electric blue, though thankfully just a tiny shade darker than such a garish color. There's an odd maturity in her gaze, and a distinct Differentness, far more than the gaze of a normal youngster.

(OOC Note: Almarasi is not an albino, she has leucism, which is the condition where a recessive gene causes a coat to be entirely white or white in patching, but not 'colorless' like an albino. However, she is still more susceptible to sunlight without pigmentation to protect her, and there's little chance of her hiding anywhere with much success except under a rock of very heavy brush. ))


Born mere seconds after each other, Almarasi and her brother are fraternal twins. However, quite unlike most, they look nearly nothing alike. The boy was born melanistic (black) while his sister was born leucistic (white). In a strange sort of yin-yang way, the two seem to be both opposites and compliments to each other. Just what this odd, rare birth could mean to the Natamba's mystic is still a mystery, and just what the future has in store for these cubs is unknown.

Already, Almarasi has shown herself to be a rather canny child. From finding a sparkling blue pebble buried deep in the ground with no visible clues, to picking up on things children her age shouldn't be able to pick up such as complex emotions and subtle meanings, she seems to know more than an average cub should know. At times, she can be seen looking at things that aren't even there, or spouting off events that have yet to occur. At other times, she's no different than any other light-hearted youth, playing without abandon and happily greeting friends and family alike. She's often found in the company of Tahla, a lioness known for prophecy, who's she's adopted as a mentor.


Name Meaning Sex Species Relation Father Mother Rank Status
Ghedi Wanderer Male Adult Lion Father Shingo (birth), Tahzhoo (adoptive) Azizi (birth) , Sani (adoptive) Co-King of Natamba Alive
Prisa none Female Adult Lioness Mother unknown unknown Mystic/Huntress Alive
Tahzhoo unknown Male Elder Lion Grandfather Banliogan Knemi Retired King / Pride Elder Alive


Name Meaning Sex Species Litter Rank Status
none N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Name Meaning Sex Species Relation Father Mother Rank Status
Mwongozi Leader / Guide Male Juvenile Lion Brother / Littermate Ghedi Prisa Youth Alive
Mamela Listen Female Adult Cheetah Sister (Adopted) Ghedi (adoptive) Prisa (adoptive) Non-Leonine Pride Member Alive
Kheri unknown Female Lioness Cub Half Sister Ghedi Jelani Youth Alive
Kushka unknown Male Lion Cub Half Brother Ghedi Jelani Youth Alive
Mirae unknown Female Juvenile Lioness Half Sister Ghedi Jelani Youth Alive
Ryngia unknown Male Juvenile Lion Half Brother Ghedi Jelani Youth Alive


Name Meaning Sex Species Relation Father Mother Rank Status
Jelani Mighty Female Adult Lioness Den Mother / Step Mother (Mate to Ghedi) Danarri Kifoda Huntress Alive
Sumi unknown Male Adult Lion Uncle Tahzhoo Kyoko Co-King of the Natamba Pride Alive
Janja Rogue / Cunning Male Adult Lion Uncle Tahzhoo (adoptive) unknown Guardian Alive
Kibete unknown Male Adult Lion Uncle Tahzhoo (adoptive) Jwahir (adoptive) Guardian Alive
Duma Cheetah Female Cheetah Cub Adoptive Niece Talo Mamela Youth Alive
Mjamba unknown Male Cheetah Cub Adoptive Nephew Talo Mamela Youth Alive


  • The name Almarasi is based off Alma, the main ghostly figure behind the F.E.A.R. games. Only this one is far cuter.
  • Alma, her nickname and name inspiration, is Hebrew for Maiden. Almasi, another close inspiration, is Arabic for Diamond.